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First Whole30 complete today!


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Today is day 30, and I couldn't be happier about the results. After being a career calorie counter with little success, its really incredible how this methodology has helped me feel like a different person. Benefits realized are as follows:

1. 22 lbs lost. No counting. No crazy portion control.

2. Energy level through the roof- Even at a time in my life where sleep is a luxury I can't always afford.

3. No crashing. Ever.

4. Improved vision (although everyone thinks I am making this up).

5. Feeling FULL after meals.

Loved the program- and I plan to repeat periodically while maintaining an 80-85% compliant lifestyle in between. Why would I want to eat things that make 1-4 go away?

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Excellent job! We had a similar experience with our first whole30 and after a 3 day weekend of "off-roading", we are happy to get back to a second whole30 beginning tomorrow! Like you said, why would we go back to our old habits and give up all the good things we experienced during our first whole30? Wishing you continued success!

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