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Cycle changes


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How are your stress levels? Are you eating enough? Have your workouts become more intense? How is your sleep?

There are a lot of things that can throw your hormones into an imbalance. Stress is generally the underlying cause in all of them. The whole 30 does a lot for resetting your body and your hormones could be thrown off. Keep at it and things should come back into balance.

Let us know how your other lifestyle factors are. Stick with the whole 30, eating good food never hurt anyone. Try not to stress about not having a cycle, as that can only add to your current stress...and well you see how that viscous cycle can start.

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Hi Megan, thanks for your reply.

Re the other lifestyle factors you mentioned-I'm not stressed at all actually. Just back from a 2 week holiday where we got loads of relaxation time. Prior to that, I wasn't stressed either-life is good!

Workouts-I've increased the intensity of them but not so much that I think it would be a factor.

Nutrition-wise, I think I'm eating enough. I try to have a good balance and include the good fats also. I often have a look at other W30 logs to see what amounts of food people generally eat and I would say I'm there or thereabouts.

Sleep-I haven't been sleeping that well for the last couple of weeks-waking up regularly throughout the night-but prior to this spell, I was sleeping very well so it certainly wasn't a factor in the initial cycle upset.

Since mid April and my change to a paleo lifestyle, I've lost 18lbs. Would that be a factor? It doesn't leave me underweight though-I'm still fine in that regard-I could still stand to lose another 14lbs . I would assume that missing a cycle might be more associated with being underweight?

I'm not stressing about it but am a bit puzzled I suppose.

Thanks for your input.

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I'm not a doctor, and I really recommend seeking out a functional medicine doctor if this issue persist.

Happy to hear most of your life is all in order but let's see what we can do about sleep. Sleep is SOOOO important.

How many hours do you get a night? What is disturbing your sleep? Are you waking up at 3am to have to go to the bathroom?

A few things to try:

  1. Sleep in a pitch dark room. I'm talking you can't see your hand in front of your face. No electronic lights and black out curtains should do the trick.
  2. No cell phone, tv, or computer at least an hour before bed. Take time to wind down and read a good book.
  3. Have a serving of Natural Calm, a magnesium supplement that helps you wind down for the night
  4. Have a small serving of fat before bed (like a spoonful of coconut butter). This can help keep blood sugar from crashing in the night and also help keep cortisol from rising to early.

I lost my period before and poor sleep was definitely a contributing factor. In your case, sometimes getting other areas of your life in order could tend to highlight some other glaring problems, like your sleep.

Another thing to consider. Be patient with your body. Give it a month or two more to try and figure this out. Its amazing that you are mentally on board and committed to a w30 but your body might still be playing some catch-up.

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Thanks very much for those practical suggestions re improving sleep Megan!

I'm in bed for 7 or 8 hours but not asleep for 7 or 8 hours due to the wakening during the night. I always have one trip to the bathroom in middle of the night and I often wake up feeling too warm.

I will give your suggestions a try and see if I can get back to having a great night's sleep.

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Hi! I am also experiencing the same issue. I am in the middle of my first Whole 30 and while my period 'threatened' to show up on time last week, nothing happened. My cycle is like clockwork usually, regardless of my sleep or diet. I'll wait and see at this point, but you're not alone, SummerGirl.

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Do you know how many carbs you're eating? When it comes to hormonal issues, carbs for women can play a significant role. Without sufficient starches, for many women this can trigger your body going into "starvation mode", which can certainly alter your hormones. Stefani Ruper on her Paleo For Women blog has written quite a bit about this. I know for me (and I have hormonal issues), the extra carbs helps - I eat sweet potatoes, bananas, and even the normal potatoes (I know, evil right?) a few times a week. Maybe give it a try or do some more research on this? Good luck.

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I'm 23 days in and just had the worst hormonal weekend of my adult life. It was like normal PMS x 100, which is not something I'm used to. I'm on the pill and only about halfway through my pack, so I knew it wasn't PMS. But then it was-had some bleeding Sunday night. I was completely exhausted all weekend (so I gave in and slept and slept and slept), not to mention discouraged, angry, weepy, frustrated...it was a real joy. My stress level is not high and I sleep 8-10 hours a night (uninterrupted, since I started Whole30) so I guess my hormones are adjusting?? I'm not planning on changing anything after the end of the 30 days, so hopefully this will work itself out. It was just a bit of a surprise to feel SO good for the first 3 weeks, only to feel SO bad with only a week to go.

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Just wanted to bump this thread up again. I am early by almost a week and I am assuming it's hormonal changes. I'm eating a fair amt of sweet potatoes, bananas, pumpkin, squash so assuming not a carb issue. Kinda explains the sugar cravings the past few days. Anyone else experiencing early periods and a what point did it level out. I am usually like clockwork with my cycle.

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I apologize in advance. Because I know "it depends" is the lamest response ever....but unfortunately it's true....anything else would be like handing out false hope. I wish I could say to all the ladies out there that after 1 cycle, then it's easy peasy and everything will work like the app on your iphone. But then I would be lying....rude. Sometimes it's 1 cycle (lucky ducks), sometimes its months....or several months.

jgny - everyone's body is different and there is no set time frame for these things to level out. Depending on your previous history with food and health, it may take more or less than your first whole 30.

For the record...if it takes your body longer than 30 days, that doesn't mean anything about you as a person. That you are not strong enough, tough enough, or "w30 perfect" enough. It just means you need more time.

These things take dedication and patience. Dedication to your body to keep treating it right with healthy foods and practices and patience for your body to figure out that this is the new lifestyle it can expect.

Give it some time :)

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I am thankful to have found this topic, as I'm in a similar boat. Except, my situation is odd in that I have been on oral contraceptives (low dose, monophasic) for the past two years since my son was born. I've never had breakthrough bleeding until last week, during the final week of my "active" pills. I started Whole30 on September 1. I'm still lightly spotting now, and my normal period/withdrawal bleed would normally start tomorrow. I wonder if that will happen?

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Just updating this to say that things settled back into 28 day cycles again after the initial changes I posted about-I think it was just a case of hormones balancing out and my body settling in to the new regime. For anyone experiencing similar, just stick with it and everything should balance out again soon.

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I've posted about this elsewhere, but figured that it might be helpful to someone else in this thread - during the Whole30 I experienced a temporarily low sex drive, an early period, and then a 3-week-late period in the cycle after the Whole30 (during which I kept 98% clean). Hormones are just a complicated thing!

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Just my two cents - my period is now 7 days late, and I've experienced longer cycles ever since I went paleo a few months ago - before my cycle would be regular at 27/28 days and now it is about 36 days! Currently on day 9 of my whole30 too. I think I might be a combination of dietary changes and also my body adjusting to recent weight loss :)

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Hi, I'm glad I just found this thread even though it's old. I am on day 10 of my first Whole30 and I started my period yesterday, 8 days early. Very strange! Glad to know things should even out. Now I wonder if my cycle will stay with this new "start" date or if I'll revert to my normal cycle. I do want to try and get pregnant in the next 9mo-1year so I hope things even out and this doesn't reduce my chances!!

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I'm glad I found this thread too. I started today and still have 8 pills left in my packet. Today is the start of day 16 of my whole30. I'm hoping this is a complete one off! No PMS, so far, but this is not something I remember having much of as a teen. Hopefully, I will breeze through and things will level out :/

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I'm on the pill and this is my third W30 and the third time I have got spotting when my period isn't due. I know it must be diet related. I went to the doctor last time but they weren't at all concerned. Strange but I feel no other ill effects so just muddle through!

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I'm so glad I'm not the only one with an off cycle! I just finished my first Whole30, losing 8 pounds and several inches. I feel amazing! 


So, I'm 4 days late, also normally a day early or right on time. I'm trying to get pregnant, so I've been super excited, but I've taken 2 tests showing negative. I guess if I ovulated later than usual, that would be the culprit, but I'm still hoping for a positive test!

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