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Proud to jump on this bandwagon


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Hello everyone!

I'm so proud to decisively take my health into my own hands. Finally. This thread will be my online journal as I journey through the Whole 30.

I actually tried to complete the Whole 30 about a year ago. I made it to Day 6, and the headaches were too much. So Week 1 will be a huge goal for me! I'm hoping by being more active with the online community, I can make a change for good.

I've always been "curvy" but in the past several months, its crossed over into obesity. I've gained 40+ pounds in 6 months, even though I've been working out and eating "healthy." I have so many signs of gluten intolerance including frequent headaches, "chicken skin" on the backs of my arms, lethargy, mood disturbances, etc.

My January goals are:

- complete the Whole 30

- keep this journal

- cardio 5-6x/week

- strength training 3x/week

- say no to some unnecessary work demands which only cause stress

I'm getting married next year and I am so sick of being ashamed and of how I look, avoiding pictures, forgetting what sexy feels like... I want to fully enjoy my wedding (esp dress shopping!) and my every day life. I've lost my luster and I want it back!!!

Here we go!

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