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January 1 Goodbye depression Hello Whole30


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Over the holidays my boyfriends' sister talked about how her family recently completed WHOLE 30 and what it is. I thought there is no better time to start than the New Year.


I used to be a very health conscious person. I have always tuned in to a sports life, resisted food temptations and felt good about myself. However, a rough year sent me spiraling down and rather than sinking in bad habit sorrow I want to turn things back around.


Food is an essential part of life.  It is the core of a good life. It is also the cause of obesity and poor health. Our lives are affected by what we put into our body which makes us live.


Coming out of a serious 6 months of depression I have stopped exercising, have been binge eating sugars and holiday treats; drink far more wine than appropriate for an oenophile enjoyment. This is not about weight loss or dieting. Over the past year I have dropped 18 lbs because of disrupted lifestyle and went from a size 6 to a size 0/2, and I feel terrible. It's time to get back on track.


I am in my later 20s and I do not want to slip into bad habit laziness and ruin the best years of my life. I want to live active, adventurous, and whole.


I'm committed to this Whole 30. Let's do this.



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Hi NIKO and Neeter57  :)


I suffer from depression too and that, along with IBS, is the reason why I got interested in Paleo lifestyle. I did a "homemade" sort of Whole30 a year ago (alone, following the advice in Robb Wolf's Paleo Solution) and it worked really well. I've been eating Paleo since then, with some stricter and some lazier periods. I'm definitely never going back to my old habits!


I started a proper Whole30 this January 2nd. I'm hoping to get rid of my tendency to munch on sweets and drink wine every time I feel a little bit down. My dream would be to be able to get off my meds and have more energy and zest for life.


I'm French tough I live in Chile. I'm 35 with two kids.


I'm sure you're going to improve on Whole30! How are you doing by now?

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