Ist Whole30 underway


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Hi, I'm Julie from Adelaide, South Australia and this is my first Whole30. I am now onto day 2. I am not new to the paleo diet as i discovered it in February last year. My big issue is giving up wine - I live in a premier wine district and it is too easy to get and drink!!! It is really a cultural thing.

I am really excited about how I am going to kick the habit of coming home from work and not opening a bottle of wine, but a bottle of sparkling mineral water. Yay!!

I was gluten intolerant for about 20 years, and amazingly my gut healed itself but then I went a bit overboard the other way and stacked on the weight etc. I am use to eating differently from others in my family and friends so this is not a big hardship, but they all drink.

I am just looking forward to feeling so much better, improving my sleeping habits, which have not been good, and having endless energy!!  

It has been great to read other's posts so I know I am not alone in going through this.

Good luck everyone. :)

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