Whole 30 - This time for sure

Nancy C

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Hi from snowy Chicago!! My name is Nancy and I'm starting my Whole 30 tomorrow to finish on January 31.


This is the second time I've attempted a Whole 30. My first was about a year and a half ago. I didn't finish, having stopped after about 2 weeks. I wasn't sleeping well and was very tired and cranky all the time. I think the problem was I was doing it to lose weight and so wasn't eating enough. I weight train heavy three times a week so planning carbs properly is important. And I wasn't doing that.


This time I'm doing it to disconnect physically from sugar and wheat, my trigger foods. I'm not going to restrict food quantity or meal timing. PWO carbs are a must and if it's a decision between having a Whole 30 snack and risking a binge, then I'll do a snack. My goal is to finish, period. Even if it's not completely perfect by the book. Then I can take what I learn and make the next one better.


I look forward to the support of the community and wish everyone much success.

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