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Hi all!  I'm geared up to start my first Whole30 challenge tomorrow morning.  I've prepped, I've plotted, I've researched, I've shopped, I've set goals, I've become accountable, I'm organised and now I'm exhausted  ;)  Mostly though, I'm excited!  I've been a lazy paleo diet follower for a few months now, and a member of WW for over a year which has helped me to drop 103 lbs so far.  As good as I feel on any given day, I know I can feel better.  I've read ISWF and it was a game changer for me.  So here I am, rearing and ready to get going. Along with the nutritional changes I will be making over the next 30 days, I will also become a non-smoker.  I'm confident that with the support of my hubby, friends and family that I will power through this next month and come out the other side changed for the better!!  I'm looking forward to following the journeys of all that are starting off and to gain wisdom and support from all of you!

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