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Mission Kiptastic - My Whole30 January 2014 Log


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Here we go:



1- Give up Diet Coke and decrease overall caffiene intake

2- stop the sugar - craving cycle

3- trust the program, just eat the food and don't weigh everyday

4- Be making dinner for my family at least 4 nights a week by the end of the 30 days.

5 - monitor how Whole30 affects my workouts - energy, strength, aches and pains, attitude

6 - sleep longer and more soundly, wake up rested by day 30 (yes it may take the full 30 days, currently I am exhausted and haven't slept a full 8 hours in months)


Day 1:


Breakfast  -  Hash with 2 eggs, 1 smalle organic GF Chicken Sausage, Spinach, and half a Sweet Potato

             Trip to store for groceris

Lunch - Big salad with mixed greens and carrots, 4 oz chicken thigh, Salsa

DInner- mostly snacked while I did my cook-up for the rest of the week - PaleoOMG "Bacon Chicken Alfredo Squash without the bacon",  a little home made sunbutter with some berries, more squash, few bites of crockpot barbacoa.

Ready for the next several days. :)

Workout- none today, the gym was closed.



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Yesterday was a complete failure. 1st day back to work after the holiday was chaos, which my doet was chaos. Started out badly with the wrong choice of skippin breakfast. Starting over today. My CF Box has an "official" challenge starting on the 13th and I will be joining that. Until then I intend to do my best and find the best recipes/foods I can to keep me compliant.  

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