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Day One is today


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Hi guys,

I'm starting my first Whole30 today! I've got a long history of bad food choices (including almost 20 years of vegetarianism, many of those as a whole-grain and soy loving vegan). I started eating meat about four years ago after finding out I have celiac and have been trying to do the primal thing for the past two-ish, but relying WAY too heavily on dairy.

More recently, I did a lot of crash dieting last year to lose weight for my wedding in November and totally binged for several months after that. Since then I've been mostly back to no grains, no sugar, and no alcohol, but have been giving in much too readily for "special occasions". I'm overweight, but even more importantly, have been really feeling like crap lately... I've been talking about doing a Whole30 for about a year, but I'm finally ready to dive in head first and get my shit under control.

I'm excited to be a part of the August group, but wanted to start a little early since I'll be going out of town for a wedding the weekend of the 25-26th. I've got another wedding earlier in the month, but I think that one will be easier to navigate (more people who know me as the girl with crazy food restrictions and a buffet rather than a served dinner should help). I'm also in the process of starting a small business, so I need a good reason to not stress eat! Then I'll need energy to spare starting around the first of the month when I start moving into my new location.

I'm about halfway through the new book and have been trolling the forums for a couple of weeks. I've also read tons of other paleo books (Robb Wolf, Loren Cordain, etc) and am excited to finally commit myself to a full 30 days of true, nutrition-based paleo eating. I look forward to getting to know you all better!


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Hey Kelly, Hope your first day has gone well! I had planned to wait until August 1st as well but then yesterday while reading more of the book on my kindle at work decided why not start Monday? So I'm there with you and today is my day one! Sounds like you've got a busy month ahead of you! Hope Whole 30 gives you just what you need to get through it!

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