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RunnerJudy vs Sugar Dragon, Round 2


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I listened to a Paleo lifestyle podcast the other night as I was doing some menu prep work for today.  The fella was on a rant, clearly against the Whole30 approach.  His point was that if the Whole30 was so successful, why would anyone need to do a "second, third, fourth..." Whole30.  His approach was making lifestyle changes in baby steps.  Sheesh, if I hadn't done my first Whole30 and experienced "tiger blood" I surely wouldn't be here doing another!  My first Whole30 gave me a glimpse of what healthy feels like for me.  I think it's perfectly normal for most of us to leave the 30 days only to experiment with foods to see what our bodies will tolerate or not.  For instance, I could have very small amounts of milk in my espresso,  seed but not nut butters, wine but not booze and lentils but not beans.  I do ok with maple syrup but not honey and certainly sugar blows up everything.  I am probably ok with greek yogurt but by the time I tried it I was way out of whack....that will probably be one of the first things back after this round.


I believe the speaker on his rant didn't understand that the Whole30 is a TOOL we are using to understand the benefits of clean eating and a great way to hit the restart button, especially after holiday indulgences (ah, Gentleman Jack!)  It's funny, I only have 1 or 2 drinks each Friday night "date" with my hubs....not really an important part of my life but I guess an important part of our de-stress from the week ritual.


Anyway, I am happy to be back here....I have some SparkFriends that may show up.  I am looking forward to kicking the Sugar Dragon back into his cave and feeling in control again.


My biggest lesson in Round 1:  leftovers are friends, emergency protein is essential (ground lamb, YUM), protein + fat pre-workout = success, daily sweet potato and/or winter squash.


My biggest pitfall:  the predicted day 28 food boredom.  I now have Well-Fed 1 & 2 and Food for Humans to play with.



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Pretty nasty day here in the Northeast...temps have plunged and the snow is falling/blowing sideways.  I did stock up today at the grocery and made Carnitas from Well Fed 1 tonight.  It took an hour longer than anticipated, I probably added too much water initially, but sheesh it was delicious!  I ate the pork over leftover veggies and made the hubs "nachos" with the meat.  Added some mango salsa which was probably a mistake.


I have a weird problem, randomly I get tummy attacks where it feels as though my stomach/gallbladder area seize up.  The pain is horrible and radiates up to my chest.  In the past, my heart has actually stopped because of the pain (resulting in my pacemaker).  My runner's heart rate was too low to keep it going somehow.  Anyway, tonight my pacemaker earned it's keep & was firing like crazy.  I did get relief after throwing up and I haven't been able to take anything in since.  


Anyway, this is why I need to keep to the program, get my gut back in shape and find a sustainable food plan so I can get back to training.  At this rate, I may have to scratch the half mary plans for the Spring.

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