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Ann's W30 #3


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I'm reposting this here from my Post-30 log because I wanted to keep each of my "W30" adventures separate from my offroading/riding my own bike escapades...  


Sort of cliche to return on January 1, but here I am. I haven't been eating paleo at all for some time and I'm ready to feel better, sleep better, and look better. This will technically be my third W30. I did a very clean/pure W30 a year and a half ago, then a W24 in early 2013 (which was pretty clean but not as strict as my first).


I'm not planning a strict W30, but more of a loose but primarily paleo plan. I will have wine in moderation, and some dairy (heavy cream in my coffee, a little cheese here and there), and I won't worry too much about traces of sugar sneaking into things like chicken stock or bacon. But I will try to keep it mostly clean.


My goals ... less joint pain (hip/back/shoulder), better sleep (I struggle w staying asleep in part bc of the joint pain, and am dealing with night sweats), and even though it is not in the true spirit of W30/paleo, I'd sure like to lose some weight.


I just made ghee and will make mayo tomorrow morning. Shopped BIG today. Dinner is in the oven. I'm ready to do this!!


Day 1:

Coffee / 1T heavy cream

2 eggs fried

Sweet potato fritter (in coconut oil)


A few slices salami

Handful of pistachios

A few olives

Sparking cinnamon/orange peel water

(I slept late/had late breakfast so lunch was really just a snack while I unpacked groceries))


Roasted chicken quarter (salt/pepper)

Steamed broccoli w squeeze of lemon

1/2 roasted delicatta squash w ghee and cinnamon

5 oz red wine



Here we go!!

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Sticking with it pretty well.

Day 2 -

Egg scramble w spinach and onions

Blob of guacamole

Coffee w whole cream

Handful of pistachios

Several slices applegate salami

Grilled filet mignon

Leeks and carrots sautéed w coconut milk and curry powder

Red wine

Day 3 -

Egg scramble w spinach and onions

Coffee/heavy cream

1/2 artichoke w homemade mayo

Roasted cauliflower

Leftover leeks

Roasted chicken quarter

Red wine

Day 4 -

Leftover steak

1/2 avocado


Herbal tea

Power greens salad w smoked tuna, grape tomatoes, avocado, green goddess dressing

Paleo chili w lots of veggies, butternut squash, and grass fed ground beef

Red wine, herbal tea

I realize there are non compliant things here (wine, GG dressing, salami, heavy cream) but I'm not shooting for a pure 30 this time around, but to opt for paleo choices for the most part. I've been on vacation this last week, and plan to reign in the wine intake starting tonight as I get back into my normal routine.

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