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Happy New Year, all!

It's been a long while since I dropped by. Too long. But I've been dealing with some stuff offline that has been important to get through.

Today's the first day of the new year and I'm kicking it off with a whole30. I definitely have fitness and nutritional goals for this year, but haven't specifically planned just yet.

Today I made some pretty tasty chili and braised some collard greens. Good stuff.

Mental state: happy.

Oh and if you've read my stuff before, you know there's gonna be some personal life updates in here too.

Anyway, I'm headed to bed. Happy new year and good night!

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Breakfast today was pretty great. Braised greens with sunny side up eggs. Lunch and dinner are most likely going to be chili and more greens...

My CSA is on vacation until January 12, so when I was at Whole Foods yesterday, I bought the cheapest veggies there. Organic collard greens for $1.50/bunch. So there's going to be a lot of that over the next few days.

Sleep last night was pretty good, and I woke up naturally before my alarm.

And now let me explain why I'm going to talk about my mental state: I'm managing anxiety and depression through what I eat. When there are absolutely no grains/sugar I'm great. But add those things in, even in "moderation" (whatever that means), and I start to get really uneven. When I eat W30 style, my mental health is fantastic. Like, I've never felt so good in my entire life. So when I update here I'll tend to talk about how my head is doing. Today? Feeling tremendous. Have big plans for the day and can't wait to take it on.

Have a killer day, all!

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Lunch was chili and greens, dinner was ribs and Brussels sprouts. The food today was brilliant. Oh I also had a few dates with walnuts. Just to balance out all the savory I had today.

Today I went to CrossFit in the late afternoon, and it was great. Squats, ball slams, push-ups...oh how I've missed it. Through the holidays I worked quite a bit and wasn't able to go due to my work schedule. Then I just decompressed for like a week. Today I went back. And oh how amazing I feel.

Tomorrow we are going to get to max back squats, but because I've been on hiatus, I have the option of just going heavy to get back into it. There's no way I'd be able to get my previous 1rm tomorrow, and I'm okay with it!

Tonight head is clear and I'm happy.

Personal life: total player right now and okay with it.

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Day 3 is under way and I'm feeling tremendous. Breakfast was the same as yesterday, 3 eggs and braised greens. Yeah I know it sounds like I need fat with that, but rest assured there was fat involved. Duck fat, olive oil. All good.

Meals today will look much the same as yesterday, which isn't exactly exciting. But I live by myself and when I cook there is usually enough for two or three meals.

The only tough thing for me with the whole30 is eating so soon after I wake up. I'm almost never hungry in the morning, but am making a genuine effort to get myself eating breakfast within an hour of waking, and it actually makes me feel better and eat better throughout the day.

Other than that, I just have errands to run today (DMV, YAYYYY). I have just a few days of holiday vacation left before I go back to work, and I'm going to make the most of them. Going to see friends and family, socialize with a few guys who have an interest in me, and generally be fantastic.

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Haha it was the cleaning project of a lifetime....so glad all of that is behind me :) and thanks, yeah I just needed to get through the crap and now life is much better. If anything, the last 6ish months have taught me a ton about myself. So glad to feel like a human being again.

How have you been?

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Okay so. Lunch was leftovers from dinner last night (ribs, Brussels sprouts).


First dinner was sashimi. I say first dinner because I was on a date, post-brutal-workout, and DYING to eat. So we went to sushi. But this is how these dates usually go...guy orders 2 cheap rolls and I order the monetary equivalent in sashimi. He leaves (at least kind of) satisfied, because he's filled up on rice and edamame. I leave hungry because I've eaten 8-10 slices of raw fish. I'm constantly thinking about what I'll eat when I get home during these dinners.


Second dinner, I had lamb and braised greens.


This date was painful. Paaaiiiinfullllyyyy boring. I'm one of the least awkward people you'll ever meet, in part because when I am awkward I acknowledge and embrace it. I can roll with punches very easily. But this guy? Couldn't figure out how to work with him and was trying desperately to avoid any kind of body language or physical contact that would suggest I was interested.


Anyway. That's all for today. I'm crashing because CrossFit was exceptionally brutal today, and I need to lie down. Tomorrow is a great day! Family, date (with another guy--told you I'm in player mode), and friends. Can't wait.

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Pretty funny how much better your post date meal was!  


Right? Oh man, I could eat lamb for days.


(Disclaimer: I never begrudge a guy for taking me out for sushi, for real, I'm always thankful to be taken to dinner. I just feel weird about being perceived as "that girl" who's only out to spend his money, hence not ordering something that costs 2x as much as his dinner.)

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Okay, so what is this? Day 4? Got it.


Breakfast: leftover chili


Lunch: half dozen naked chicken wings and salad w/ oil and vinegar


Snack (not enough fat earlier in the day meant I crashed and needed something): cup of chili


Dinner (out [date] at The Keg): grilled shrimp with olive oil and fresh herbs, grilled veggies (The Keg was very accommodating about my "no dairy" request, just for anyone's info--the server was knowledgeable about how to ensure my dinner was dairy free)


Okay, the date. It was fine. The guy was really nice, and we had a very nice chat, but it's clear we weren't into each other. I dug his personality but not his looks, really, and he looked at his watch about 15 minutes into our time together. Thankful that he didn't suggest walking around awkwardly like the guy from last night did.


Next up: coffee tomorrow with someone I'm really actually potentially interested in, but have to be very cautious around. Why? Because I'm really actually potentially interested...we'll see how it goes!


Mental state: fabulous. Right now I'm a little low-energy, as it's the end of my day and I want to hit the sack, but all in all it was a great day.


Personal life: player mode.

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Breakfast: leftover braised greens and lamb, kombucha.


Now I'm making some lamb/beef stock to have on hand, and considering my day. It's the last day of my holiday break, and tomorrow we hit the ground running at work. This morning I have a coffee date, followed by a trip to Sur la Table (aka Heaven) to see if they have the spiral slicer from their website in stock. Then I was supposed to go to my paleo meetup group's dinner tonight, but I'm looking over my day tomorrow and have a ton of stuff to prepare. So I'm going to do that and relax at home as I gear up for a return to work.


More later.

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Wow did I ever get busy there. Work started up after holiday break, and suddenly I had no time to drop by!

I've been trying to focus a lot on sleep lately, and last night I got 9.5 delicious hours of warm, cozy slumber.

Today's food:

Breakfast: tuna in olive oil (had to eat quick, was busy making lunch this morning

Lunch: carrots, beet, cucumber salad with pesto, tuna in olive oil.

Dinner: 1/2 NY strip, Brussels sprouts, sweet potato (fats: lamb and duck)

Trying to go higher fat and lower carb. The sweet potato maybe wasn't the best idea for that, but I just got a spiral slicer and wanted to do some shoestring sweet potato in duck fat. I overcooked it, but it was still tasty.

Okay I have a couple phone calls to make, then my goal is to be in bed by 8pm again tonight. Sleep!

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Ugh. So I got a stomach virus. Caved and ate rice. It's one of the only foods I can tolerate when my body wants to expel food any way it can. So I'm trying not to kick myself about blowing my Whole30, but instead reminding myself that it's better to be well than try to follow arbitrary food rules when the body is sick. So I'm going to pick it up today, congratulate myself on doing well up to the point where I got sick, and go through mid February.


Alright. Here we go (again)!

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