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KJ's Whole30 Journey, Round 4


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While this is round 4, I have yet to complete a full 30 days of Whole30. My first one in March of 2013 ended on day 29. I've been beating myself up ever since, even though I made a conscious choice. The reason I feel it wasn't worth it is because of another event that happened in the same evening.

My friend James completed his first a few months ago, and he breezed through it. I found myself envious at first but remembered I have a different lifestyle. A few weeks ago, feeling run down from the lack of sun in Chicago, I decided joining the first official Whole30 of 2014 would be good. Lots of support, lots or reminders, and just a fresh start. James agreed to join me for this round, and I'm so glad to have a friend who made it on my side again.

I spent NYE with a couple friends, who have an awesome pug to boot, who are gluten-free and love veggies. While not all the snacks I had last night were W30-approved, I loved waking up without a hangover and feel hydrated from the veggies we had the night before. One of them decided to make breakfast, so I started the day off with a heavenly plate of ribeye and eggs with a mountain of snacking peppers. Because it was a late breakfast (we all slept in), I ate some peppers and a few nuts around 6pm. I decided to deep clean the bathroom, run some laundry, and organize my closet (yay for good sleep and energy!), which made me ravenous around 9pm. I had some leftover sweet and smoky beef stew with more peppers...I love peppers.

Yes, it's late, but the snow outside keeps piling up so I'll work from home tomorrow and will be able to get a full 8 hours without the commute. Happy Day 1!

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I'd been working on a nice post about my reflections on my support system, but my broken mouse clicked something I didn't intend and I lost it all.  Ugh.


Day 2.  Still snowing.  I've learned some wonderful lessons from even the incomplete attempts at W30 in 2013.  This pride in realization helped me also recognize I shouldn't beat myself up for not having completed a full 30 days; I'm the master of unfinished projects.  I've accepted this behavior and while I'm changing it slowly, it is a large part of how I operate still.  Shiny object syndrome and working better under pressure.  Oy.  Long story short, I need to keep up my end of communication with friends and family more.  I'm lucky to have such wonderful people in my life.


Feeling good.  The end.

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The last two days were filled with cold, some snow, and roasting a turkey. I'm still feeling great, no sign of killing any things yet. Those symptoms did come around day 6-7 on my last two, but perhaps working from home due to extreme temps will help. I ran out of stew, so I thought the turkey was perfect. Next up on my list of things to cook today:

turkey pot pie (minimal almond flour crust to avoid overeating nuts)

turkey bone broth

turkey gravy (from Elana's Pantry)

caramelized mustard Brussels sprouts

roasted asparagus

roasted acorn squash with balsamic reduction

I've eaten a couple servings leftover turkey, tomato & cucumber salad, peppers, and a banana today. I ventured out in mostly non-shoveled snow to pick up prescriptions and eggs; after nearly two miles, I was exhausted. My local grocer was out of local, pastured eggs for the garlic aioli I wanted to make, but I picked up some delicious cardamom pu'erh tea.

Cheers to some cooking, tea, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang on Prime Instant Video! Cheers to a happy day 5!

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