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With the renewed focus on the aspects of Whole9 beyond nutrition, will there be more discussion board categories added for those areas? I'd love a place to discuss things like stress management, sleep, and the other aspects of Whole9 that go beyond Whole30 nutrition. Love these boards and would enjoy seeing them grow in breadth, it's such a great added resource- but I know there are scaling challenges because of the moderation, etc.

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One question I would ask is why aren't the rest of the Whole9 factors  Whole30 related stuff??    Even in the Whole30 Daily, topics like sleep and stress and movement as integral to how deeply your Whole30 can impact your life.   I agree with Cat804 that I would love to see the boards grow to include these.   


If not here, are there any plans to add/expand to the other Whole 9 focus areas in a different forum?   Thanks!   

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