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Day 1 - Jan 2


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I'm 53 yrs old, started Paleo 3 yrs ago with the 30 day challenge.  It was amazing, couldn't believe the results.  :)Have done a couple more to get back on track, as I have a little choc craving!  But Feb of 2013 I started a job as a RCMP (yup Canadian) guard.  :unsure: Just guard prisoners until they are released.  It is a casual position, so never know when you will be called in, always last minute.   Most of the time it is between 10 pm and 3 am for an 8 hour shift.  I started off good, then if I didn't have left overs on hand it got bad and just spiraled out of control to the point of not working out, old injuries raised there ugly head due to inflammation etc.  So here I am committed and ready.  Wishing you all strength, focus and faith in our commitment to a healthy and better us!!!!  :D :D

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