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Whole30 Log - January, you've always been good to me

Cate B.

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Ah January, you've always been the month when I can finish a Whole30 like it ain't no thang. Resolutions are in the air for all, so less explaining is required at social events; and regardless of what the resolution is, it feels as though we're all in this crazy transformative movement together. I'm expecting the same from you again for 2014, but this time - I promise to give you a bit more in return.


I'm approaching this Whole30 with less upfront gusto than I have in the past, not announcing it to anyone who will listen. This Whole30 is just about making myself feel better, I don't need to preach the good food word as though no one ever has before. I'm doing this mainly because I'm over defining myself by food, regardless of what that food situation might be. It's not good for me - I'm too extreme. I'm over broadcasting my personal relationship with food all over the interwebs. I began/run the farmers market in my town, so I already have enough food situations happening on a daily basis. I'd prefer to keep at least something to myself. Whole30 January 2014 - it's just me and you kid (well, and this forum....).


What I'm looking forward to based on my previous Whole30s:

I know within just 5-6 days, I'll be sleeping better and my little buddha belly of allergens will have subsided. I'm looking forward to NOT needing a glass of wine or hot toddy for every social event. 

I'm also keen on getting back to wanting loads of veggies of my plate.


Over and out for now -

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Woot woot, I am so excited for the same things as you!!

After the holidays it gets a little bit hectic don't you agree?? Bad choices don't seem...as bad when its christmas! For the first time in a while I have felt sick and groggy and congested...I guess thats what dairy will to you huh?


I also completely agree with your idea on gusto, it seems more personal and like an individual choice when you just go about it like its just another day.


Good luck with your journey! and Happy new year!

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Rachel - Thanks for responding to this - it's actually from January of last year and it was wonderful to re-read it! And funny, because I'm starting another whole30 today =) 


I also like that I've completed whole30s this year that actually followed what I wrote in this. It's nice reaffirmation that on occasion I stick to what I set out for myself. 


Good luck to you as well! Felicidades!

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