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Food log template that I created


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Snacking is not your friend on a w30. If you find yourself hungry between meals (which you probably will in the beginning as you adapt to this WOE) eat a mini meal per the template complete w fat. This will help you et on track sooner. (I'm talking myself into this as well after falling off the wagon a bit in the last few days).

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20 minutes ago, DagnyT said:

I'd love a template like this but this one won't download, it's gone apparently. Does anYone have any suggestions for something similar?

This was probably linked successfully back when the forum existed on the Whole9 platform. When they moved the forum, some attachments died.

I see you're saying you want a "template like this" or "something similar" but how do you know what it looks like if you cannot download? Hard to help you find a new one if we can't see what this one looks like? ;) 

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