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My first Whole30 w/crazy schedule!


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Day 2 is going well, but I feel the onset of a cold and that doesn't make me happy.  Now I can't figure out if I feel like crap because of the change in my diet, or if I just don't feel well otherwise.  Oh well...keep plugging along.


I work full-time in an office setting and have three children at home.  I'm nervous about the time I'll be spending in my kitchen preparing meals. I've been trying to involve my oldest (7) in the cooking, but it's hard to manage with a toddler hanging on my ankles.  I'm sure if I dedicate a few hours over the weekends, it'll be just fine.


I brought leftovers in for lunch today (last night I made the Thai basil beef from Well Fed 2....yum!) as well as a bag of veggies. I'm hoping it will carry me through the day. I've ALWAYS had an afternoon snack and will try to go without today. I did bring a banana, some almonds and some coconut flakes in case I really need it.  I've got a lemon pepper chicken in the crockpot for dinner!

Good luck to all of those here!



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Hi Jules,


 I am also a mother of 3 (ages 6, 3, and 1) while working full time.  What I have found best is to meal prep your food on Sunday for the whole work week.  Its hard to do and takes time and dedication, but you will appreciate it so much during the week.  Instead of an afternoon snack, try a cup of tea. 


This is my 2nd Whole30, my husband and I completed one back in May/June.  I slipped big time over the holidays and ready to clean myself up.  You've got this!

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