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eat big or go home (2nd, starting 1/2/2014)


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Starting my second whole 30 today. I did my first back in June of 2013.


I'm in the middle of a big project for the next few months and I want to focus on taking better care of myself while I'm busy and potentially stressed out (when I usually throw self-care out the window). I have a few local friends who are doing a whole 30 this month and thought I would jump in and see if I can maintain this kind of eating when things are super busy for me. If I can figure out how to integrate healthy eating under those circumstances, I'll be able to do it no matter what!


Started today with:



green tea

egg & mushroom bake, steamed kale, orange braised carrots & turnips



huge salad with grilled chicken, sauteed cabbage, strawberries, kombucha

chocolate/coconut larabar


m3 (will be)

sauteed zucchini noodles topped with ground beef & red sauce


Love how the delicious the Whole 30 meal template is, but as I said elsewhere, I forgot how hungry I am that first week or so! I am going to let myself eat as much as I need to while I adjust, as long as it's compliant. Definitely did not come here to be hungry.


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The meal template will steer you to eating just the right amount of food: http://whole9life.com/book/ISWF-Meal-Planning-Template.pdf


Eating a larabar is a really bad idea. It simply does not belong in a meal. The only way they are permitted is as emergency food. Like something you keep in the pocket of your car for when you are broke down on the side of the road and need to eat something so you don't kill the next person who talks to you. :)

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Wow, tough love!


I've read a lot discouraging relying on Larabars, but nothing (until now) saying they are forbidden except in cases of roadside emergency. They are technically compliant and I am trying to adjust to the hunger that comes on in the first week for me (sometimes despite closely following the meal template). I paid $17 for lunch at my local health food store and when I was walking out I noted I was still genuinely hungry. Rather than re-enter the store and spend another $10, or endure an unnecessary experience of deprivation, I allowed myself to eat one of the Larabars I had bought to have on hand for just such an occasion.


I appreciate the well-meaning feedback, but I also feel pretty confident trusting my body and knowing what's permitted and what constitutes an emergency. I am here to enjoy myself and my food, even with an occasional Larabar.

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I eat a lot.  I ate a lot when I first started Whole30 last year and this week, I'm eating a lot as well.  I'm stuffed from breakfast, but I'd rather be stuffed and know that I've eaten than toy with the idea of snacking.  So much is mental, but so much is physical too.   Good luck with today.  (Hey - I meditated today - I signed up for something on wildmind.  I have no clue if it's good or not, but it's 28 days of meditation and there's a daily email. I liked the first email a lot.)

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I've been thinking about some good questions my therapist posed yesterday about self-care and moderation and I think I'm going to slink back to the Post Whole 30 forum, where I can feel a little more free to experiment with what that looks like.


Apologies for the false start. I had decided now wasn't the right time and second guessed when I got caught up in the excitement of some nearby friends doing a Whole 30, but, nope, you know what. That initial instinct was a good one...not the right time.


But I'll be back in the spring!

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