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Robs whole 30 starting 2nd January 2014


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02nd January 2014


I have been inspired to start a fresh with the whole 30 as I would like to learn more about my body and how different food groups affect it. My wife who is also a member is dedicated to the Paleo lifestyle and has gained significant health benefits as a result. I have been eating the meals as we generally eat together, however, I am quite partial to the odd glass of wine / beer and tended to eat the kind of things that I could really do without, like crisps and the sneaky chocolate bar.


At the start of the new year many people will be making their resolutions. I don't really see this as a resolution, rather an opportunity to discover more about myself. I was initially worried that I would struggle with cravings and perhaps if I were going solo then there would always be that small temptation itching away at me as I have to admit, I have a very sweet tooth. I am actually very lucky in the sense that my wife is firmly on board having completed two whloe 30's already and has the experience to help me get through it.

Meals today:


Breakfast: Casserole with Spinach. Breakfast casserole was a cake made of pork, parsnips, sweet potato, egg and green onions.


Lunch: Grilled Salmon with Broccoli and Sweet Potato


Dinner: Sea-bass with Salad leaves


So how am I feeling? Early days and having completed my meals I would say my stomach feels settled and considering I have worked a 12 hour shift and cycled 14 miles today, I feel alert and coherent. Mood: Balanced and relaxed happy.


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Welcome to the W30! Sounds like you have a great coach and support in your wife. My only question about your meals is did you add any fat? I only ask because I don't see any in your logged food. I would also encourage you to add a pre and post workout meal especially if you are cycling 14 miles. Your body needs that extra food. 

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03rd January 2013  B)

Today is the second day of the whole 30. This morning my wife had lovingly prepared my meals and packed them for me - very thoughtful and much appreciated.


breakfast: The breakfast casserole with salad leaves. The casserole and leafy salad - made from pork,  green onions, parsnips and egg. I have to admit, it was really tasty.


lunch time: Pan fried gammon sweet potato and leafy salad


Always favourite with me and I wonder if I would ever be able to live without bacon or gammon in my life? I do not like my chances.


Dinner:  Pan fried gammon sweet potato and leafy salad


You maybe wondering why I ate the same meal twice, well I was going straight out from work so decided to take with me two gammon steaks. Usually I can get bored of eating the same meal twice in rob but with Pork I would have to say that I would never get bored of eating it.


How am I feeling today? Feeling a few craving pangs for sugar and kept dreaming about having a really nice slice of whole grain toast with lashing of butter! I know however that this is my brain yarning for a fix and I must recognise that and yet abstain. I decided to have a few glasses of water and it was not long after that I had completed rejected the idea of eating carbohydrates and settled back into my work for the day.


Compared to yesterday I don't feel all that different with the exception of the craving pangs so all in all a pretty successful day.

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04th of January


It was so nice to be able to relax at home today with my wife and daughter watching movies, only this time I was not snacking on the usual weekend guilty pleasures and feel all the better for it. It is not uncommon for me to pop out to the local super market and pick up snacks to last the day as I do like my weekend snaky days usually accompanied by the full English. The weather was terrible so having a stay at home day was all the more inviting.  


Breakfast: Two fried eggs on top of a sweet potato jacket, three slices of bacon and spinach on the side.


Lunch: King Prawns with Brussels Sprouts and Sweet Potato "Pan fried the sweet potatoes in ghee until brown and crispy, then added the Brussels sprouts and spiced with salt, pepper, garlic powder and cayenne. Let them cook and steam for about five minutes then add the prawns"


Dinner  Pork Loin, Sweet Potato Hash, and steamed asparagus


So after all of that my tummy feels very happy. :lol:

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