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Jessica's Whole30 Log


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Today is Day 2 for me. I was busy busy busy cooking and prepping for a successful first week so no time to post my first report.


Day 1 Food Log:


Breakfast :: 3 egg frittata with coconut oil, kale, and scallion; jasmine green tea

Lunch :: roast chicken, 1/2 sweet potato, arugula and carrot salad with lemon juice and olive oil

Dinner :: paleo spaghetti with grass fed ground meat, mushrooms, no sugar tomato sauce, olives, pepper flakes and spaghetti squash


satsuma tangerine and 5 mac nuts as a snack

walk at the ocean to see the king tide


Day 2 Food Log:


Breakfast :: 3 egg frittata with leftover ground hamburger meat, kale and scallion

Lunch :: salad w/cold roast chicken, arugula, bell pepper, kholrabi; dressing was olive oil, tad of sesame oil and coconut aminos

Dinner will be :: chicken caldo using bone broth and leftover chicken, no salt/no sugar diced tomatoes, some leftover sweet potato, jalapeno, cumin and avocado


snacked on a hard boiled egg and a thumb sized portion of mac nuts

skating at skate park with my son (on quad skates)



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Day 3:

Breakfast: 3 egg frittata with brussel sprouts, red onions and coco oil; black cold pressed coffee

Lunch: leftover chicken soup with avo

Dinner: (first eating out!) grass fed steak with grilled veggies and herbal tea


bit of mac nuts as snack after hiking archery!

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Day 4

Still shaking off this cold but I swear it makes the carb flu more bearable!

BF: 3 egg frittata with coco oil and kale; black coffee

Lunch: big ole salad - roast chicken, HBE, olive oil, greens, kohlrabi

Dinner: pan fried tilapia, sautéed broccoli, kale, kohlrabi and leeks

Snack - plantain Chips (emergency - waited too long to eat lunch

Roller derby drills

Hoping tomorrow will be my last blah day!

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Day 5


Not so good today -- not very hungry.


BF: ate very late -- 3 egg frittata with kale and black coffee

Lunch: hard boiled egg

Dinner: grass fed deconstructed burger with lettuce and tomato (burger patty had bacon and mushrooms)

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Day 10!

Had first WO on this W30 and felt good. Day 2 of natural calm - very restful sleep last night

M1: egg muffins with kale, mushrooms and bacon

M2: sashimi and salad

M3: drumsticks, jicama, Mac nuts

Not enuf fat today - definitely more hungry feeling

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