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DB's third time's a charm


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Hot chocolate New Year's Day while ice skating (on the beach in San Diego, I must add :D) so, today is day 1 of my 3rd W30. I've eaten according to a fairly solid paleo template for much of the last year, but I was in Indonesia for 6+ weeks in September-October and that meant rice every flippin' meal, and then over the holidays I derailed rather severely, so now I'm gonna clean up my act. I know how great I feel when I eat well, so I don't need convincing, just commitment and accountability.


This time I am doing it with my 17 yo daughter, though she's looking for loopholes every which way (but Mom, my acai juice... it's heathy! :wub: ) and also with a colleague, and she tells me her husband is doing it too. 


Goals: (keeping it simple)

1. Drink coffee after eating breakfast.

2. Eat 3 meals according to the template every day (plus pre- and post WO meals as needed)



Day 1

B: 2 eggs from the backyard poached in crushed tomatoes with a compliant leftover beef burger and broccoli mixed in, 1/4 avocado, and then after I ate, bulletproof coffee (ghee, coconut oil, and Penzey's "Baking Spice").


L: on the fly, 4 seared sea scallops (compliant leftovers), romaine, almonds and brazil nuts (I soaked and dehydrated a batch overnight). Technically compliant but not a particularly mindful 'meal.'


D: browned ground turkey over kale from the garden and sweet potato.


Gonna make some mayo right now... I got it down, oh yea.

And for Day 2 I took sockeye salmon out to defrost, and also ground beef and frozen chopped spinach to make meat muffins from Well-Fed.

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Aaaaah, insomnia. And leg aches. I took tylenol and then remembered my Natural Calm... which in the past I found to have too much of a laxative effect but, what the heck, I'll try it again.


Looking through the "Join the Whole30" thread and am pleased to be in such great company of January starters... veterans and newbies alike. 


I had a mini-meal at about 10pm of hard salami slices, homemade mayo, romaine and a carrot. I'm not typically a nighttime eater, but the stomach was growling and boiled fish sounded good.


Mayo quandry re: the kinds of oils usually found in what's branded as "olive oil," especially the extra light stuff recommended for homemade mayo. I read through some relevant posts here and put the remainder of the bottle of oil in the fridge to see f it solidifies. There is a local olive oil company where I can probably get real deal light stuff. Man, the devil is in the details, isn't it?


My daughter is hanging in there. Her one exception is honey in her chai in the morning. It's raw from our own hives and, hey, she's 17. If she's determined to do this with that one small allowance, I support her. That said, she made some tea last night and put coconut milk in it. Her verdict is that coconut milk is a bit sweet, so she didn't feel like she needed the honey. So I'll let her process of discovery unfold.


Another random thought, I am going to do oil pulling in the morning while making my breakfast. First thing, I'll put a glob of coconut oil in my mouth, swish it around for 10-20 min while preparing food, spit it out, eat, and then drink my coffee. The oil pulling will have the double benefit of barring coffee as a first thing thing, and the oil pulling itself (people swear by it; I am not convinced but will N=1 experiment over the month). I felt brilliant coming up with this strategy! :ph34r:

Got to get some veggies tomorrow as the fridge is pretty bare.
Ok, back to bed.
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Day 2


Black coffee while getting the AmVets pickup pile ready (purging!)

Then.... oil pulling while making breakfast:


M1: egg/spinach/chicken sausage/sweet potato scramble. Bulletproof coffee.


M2: (almost 8 hours later!) Snacked on almonds and toasted shredded coconut while cooking because I realized how darn hungry I was. 

Dukkah-crusted sockeye salmon pan seared in avo oil, a big-ass salad with all sorts of veggies in it and topped with dried kimchi and the rest of the toasted coconut, and drizzled with aged balsamic vinegar and avo oil. This was such a good meal. I love Trader Joe's (dukkah and kimchi :wub: ).


M3: 3.5 hours after M2, and more of the same, though smaller portions, with the addition of 1/4 avocado. I did have a small bowl of berries, coconut milk, cacao nibs and coconut flakes, and cinnamon with (immediately after) the meal. Really wanted something sweet. Ah detox. I consider this choice of meal finisher to be a form of harm reduction. 


Re: goals:

I had a quick cup of black coffee to get me through the essential task of the morning which I had to do 1st thing.I could have waited the 20 minutes, but chose not to. But it represented progress, people!


3 meals per day: by the skin of my teeth. Went too long between M1 and M2, M2 was an early dinner. I ate M3 because I was still hungry. Just my body telling me that I didn't eat enough today. Ok, I listen.


Had a great bodywork session today, Sage Lymph Care. Anyone hear of it? AMAZINGLY effective for my chronic pain for which I have had multiple procedures over many years that did not help much. I have seen the light. I am a believer. 


Goal tomorrow: no coffee before food. Really. Pay attention to timing of meals. Still, I love how un-hungry I am for so long with this way of eating. It's the fats. The fats!


Speaking of which, my extra light in taste olive oil is an imposter. It did not solidify in the fridge  :angry:. The search for the real deal begins. Temecula Olive Oil Company, I'm thinking.

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Oil-pulling!  I've never heard of it so I just googled it.  :)  It sounds so crazy and so logical too.  I'm going to try it tomorrow if I can remember.  I've also never heard of dried kimchi.  That sounds like something totally up our alley.  Good luck with the coffee in the morning!

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Success! with the oil pull-bfast-coffee routine this morning. Have to shout it from these here rooftops.


@Emma, I don't know if oil pulling actually does anything, but it does prevent me from drinking coffee while I'm doing it. And if I make the commitment to do it upon awakening, I find that I am so desperate for my coffee I'll make breakfast pronto so I can get to it  :D.


My plan today is to go to the olive oil store and do  some reconn, to the Asian market for coconut milk etc, then make those dang meat muffins I keep yapping about, and also nom nom's sriracha. Daughter's game, she's doing really well, and off we go.


M1: egg/salmon/spinach scramble, bulletproof coffee


M2: chicken apple sausage, sauteed Asian eggplant, salad with olive oil, bals vin, lime, 1/2 avocado, olives, a couple brazil nuts, a date, some toasted coconut, an apple.


M3: No meal 3. I am often a 2 meal per dayer, which is ok. What I want to avoid is grazing and snacking. So I should change my goal to eat 2-3 meals a day with no grazing or snacking. There, done.


Meat muffins in the oven, which I destroyed over Thanksgiving (self clean mode on the KitchenAid, AKA auto destruct), so I hope the darn things cook.... the oven temperature reading won't go higher than 210 'F, and I can't find my little freestanding thermometer. I looked up cooking temp of eggs and it's 160, and the meat's already cooked, so I'll leave it in longer than the 40 minutes and cross my fingers.

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Woohoo for oil pulling before coffee!


My husband and I both tried it this morning, but I think we only lasted a few minutes instead of 10-20.  I may try it again, but I found myself feeling really guilty about "wasting" our coconut oil which we use for cooking.


I also thought of you and your goal to eat before coffee.  I know I ought to be eating before my tea so this morning I pulled out a hard boiled egg.  It wasn't quite the real breakfast deal, but it was a start.  Perhaps tomorrow (or the day after) I'll get on board with eating before caffeine.  

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I have a goal of drinking only 1 of my 2 cups of coffee before I eat and eating withing an hour of waking up.  So far so good.  Also, I am still doing my green smoothies (now with my beloved turmeric and fresh ginger and very little fruit) but I am only allowed to have it if I cook veggies too.  We'll see.

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Day 4


psycho crazy day today. AND I managed to stay on plan essentially, for the most part, given the situation (psycho crazy).

1st, a thing about the meat muffins... I ended up having to wait and cook them this morning before work, and the oven didn't want to heat up then either, but finally did and I blasted them on convection for about 15 minutes and the things cooked and I grabbed them hot out of the oven and flew to work. I don't know what I would have done otherwise, the pickins are slim at the hospital. 


M1: 2 eggs fried in ghee, one date, bulletproof coffee (I need to buy veggies)


S1: almonds, a couple brazil nuts, 2 dates


S2: sweet potato with kimchi (no protein, but maybe then some tryptophan into my brain cells)


M2: 2 meat/spinach muffins


M3: 2 meat/spinach muffins, about 10 olives



So if I squished together M1 and S1 and S2, it would be a complete meal. I just spread things out a bit. I was so craving the cupcakes and the butter cookies and the chips and cheezy-beany dip I kept running into. I know these cravings will pass. 

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@Nadia, those chickens are still hiding their eggs. And it's winter so they're not laying as much anyway. Mooches. We get maybe 2 per day. I've been buying eggs, I hate to admit it. LOL.



Day 5, an underfed day. Poor planning and not hungry.


M1: green cabbage fried in red palm oil, eggs, bulletproof coffee.


Snacked on almonds and raisins, maybe a (tiny) handful in total.


M2: meat/spinach muffin. only one. I'm still hungry. But tired. And I don't want to prepare anything. Waaaa Waaaaa Waaaa.

I'll figure something out.


I bought lamb shanks, pork tenderloins and duck sausages and left it in the fridge at the office. Gah! I wasn't planning on going in tomorrow because my dog had (minor) surgery today and needs supervision and love. But I'll have to run down there and retrieve my bounty. I was looking forward to those sausages for dinner tonight. 


Addendum: A real dinner had I: 2 meaffins (my new term, like it?), dried kimchi, olives; bowl of warmed up berries, coc milk, almonds, brazil nuts, shredded coc, coc butter, cacao nibs, baking spice.


My daughter is at her Dad's tonight. She texted me that she was at the store, had $21, and what essentials should she buy. She also said she couldn't find tuna without soy, so I know she's reading labels (she ended up buying tuna in olive oil). I made a couple suggestions. Later she texted me pictures of her dinner, and her packed lunch for tomorrow... would pass muster with any W30er. I am proud of her!


Oh, also, a confession. I ate a lot of almonds last night. Too many. I know I need to not have these in the house. Even with soaking and dehydrating, they are a food without breaks for me.


I have lots of roots to roast tomorrow, but I need to get greens. Tomorrow.

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Damn you, "Food Should Taste Good brand Original Sweet Potato Chips Kettle Cooked Seasoned with Sea Salt"! You are evil incarnate (inchipate?). I banish thee!! Be gone! Be gone. No.... not in the mouth down the hatch into the gut, noooooo not the whole bag!! 
Note to self: A Larabar and a bag of sweet potato chips IS NOT A MEAL.
What was someone writing on another thread about the breakdown of resolve? And what did I respond about righting the course?

From the Official Can I Have Guide...

Chips: We'd rather you didn't

It's possible – some might even say easy – to find sweet potato, beet, or vegetable chips that meet the Whole30 ingredient standards. It is not easy, however, to consume those chips in a way that's true to the spirit of the Whole30. It's pretty hard to find a suitable place for them in our meal planning template (no, half a bag of ‘Sweets and Beets' is not an appropriate way to “fill the rest of your plate with vegetablesâ€), and even harder to stop yourself from eating them when the designated serving comes to an end. In fact, for most of us, chips of all kinds are a bonafide food-with-no-brakes. So these chips fall into that deep, dark area of less-healthy foods with technically compliant ingredients. Eater beware.

- See more at: http://whole30.com/2013/06/the-official-can-i-have-guide-to-the-whole30/#sthash.DkUHOSaS.dpuf

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Day 6


M1: 2 meaffins, bulletproof coffee


'M2:' ahem. see above post.


M3: duck sausage, rainbow chard cooked in the fat 


Bought greens today: chard, kale (green and purple), and broccoli.

Also 3lbs of red jalapenos for a double batch of nom noms sriracha.

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Day 7


M1: 2 meaffins, broccoli sautéd in duck fat, bulletproof coffee. 2 brazil nuts (selenium!) and licked the mayo spatula (made with half local olive oil and half coconut oil/ghee).


I put lamb shanks, onions, chicken stock, and sweet potatoes in the crockpot in the morning for dinner.

Packed a lunch: salmon salad and green and purple cabbage.


But I wasn't hungry for lunch (really), so I didn't eat it.

Then I got home and the sweet potatoes in the crockpot weren't quite done, so I had a few bites of the lamb, and then just ate the salmon and cabbage I had packed for lunch. And dragonfruit!


Week one review:

Success: oil pulling --> M1 --> coffee

Keep working on it: I must have 3 meals prepared every day, even if I only eat 2 of them.

NO nuts (unless part of a recipe, and exception 2 Brazil nuts a day ok). NO chips. NO chips. NO chips.

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Day 8


M1: l/o crockpot lamb, sweet pot, 2 brazil nuts, black coffee


S: 2 sea scallops after cooking for M2.


M2: sea scallops, oyster shrooms, Asian eggplant, broccoli, Larabar (yes with the meal), broth and sweet potato from the crockpot (lamb all gone :()


M3: Here's what I brought to work (overnight shift): 2 meaffins, can of salmon, sardines, a boiled and salted duck egg, mayo, coconut milk, and sea snax. So I have options.


I waited too long between M1 and M2 again, 7+ hours. Used to be pre-paleo I could eat a huge breakfast and still be ravenous a few hours later. Now, with the inclusion of healthy fats, I am not hungry all day. Not that I'm complaining, but it does require a mindful change in behavior. Like, remembering to eat before I get ravenous.


I bought a Fagor pressure cooker off Craigslist for $35 today. Bone broth here I come (family hates the stink of it in the crockpot).


My daughter, who is still at her Dad's is doing great. I told her I would take her out to dinner this weekend and we would celebrate. Lots of really good farm to table places around here.

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OMG I hate night shifts, especially crazy ones. But I stayed on plan. It wasn't till I got home that I devoured the rest of the almonds. Well, now they're gone and I don't have to worry about them anymore.


I ate meaffins, mayo, coconut milk, then at about 9:30 this morning before bed a purple sweet potato with ghee and S&P, and almonds.

Drinking coffee with c milk now and figuring out what to eat for dinner. I'm sick of the meaffins. 

Gotta run out for a bit so maybe one of those to hold me for a spell, and then something substantial, like an omelet with sweet pot. Where's my personal chef?

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Oh gaawddd reading your log from my no-time-to-cook-at-all land is a pure torture. I want a normal meal, no more microwaved veggies -_- Oyster shrooms are my favourite! I like that they keep the texture after roasting/searing, so much flavour.


Hope that dizzy moments are over, this stuff is scary. 


P.S I think you will be interested to read this article. http://cavegirleats.com/no-more-chicken-skin/

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Thanks, Nadia. That's great, bookmarked for later. 

I have decided my vertigo was probably from the half an ambien I took the prior night. I hadn't been taking it but was tossing and turning and knew I had an over-nighter the next night so I took half a tab. Hadn't taken it in a while... have actually been sleeping quite well.

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Day 10


M1: coffee 1st  :P, meaffin (the last one), sweet pot with ghee, dragonfruit


M2: 3 eggs an l/o veggies (shrooms, eggplant), papaya with coconut butter, bulletproof coffee


M3: pork tenderloin with roasted veggies


I'm roasting taro; we'll see how that goes. 

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Day 11


House to myself this afternoon and evening = bliss.


M1: l/o pork, sweet pot w ghee, coffee w c milk


S: 2 brazil nuts


M2: I love kitchen surprises. My intention was to just pop open a can of salmon and have that for dinner with mayo and whatever veggies I had in the fridge, but then I started cooking and before I knew it I had a gourmet meal on my plate:

Chicken strips in ras el hanout, pressure cooked kale and beets (variation on nom noms recipe), taro 'home fries'. Yowza! What a meal. I wish my phone camera were not acting up!

Will finish it off with brazil nuts and a slice of papaya (the meal, not the phone  B)).


Am at that place where I feel like all I am doing is cooking and washing dishes, but continue I shall. I am feeling good stuff... decreased bloat, happier tummy, better mood, the mental balance that comes with focused intention.


Plan tonight: Downton Abby (Eps 1 AND 2! and make sriracha)

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Is it really Day 12? Jeepers, halfway done almost. Just hitting my stride. Maybe will keep this going 30+ days.


Either I have been seriously craving starch, or it was just the seduction of the Asian market at play, but I have an abundance of starch in my house... taro, plantains, sweet potatoes (blue and orange), kabocha squash. Also a mound of kale, green and purple. I am making plantain crackers from PaleoMom for starch on the go with meals (so I tell myself ;-) I kind of wish kale chips weren't so tedious to make. The W30 makes me hyper aware of my nutrition, as it is intended to, but it also make me understand on an entirely new level the success of the packaged food mega-industry. Oh, for a box of shrink wrapped paleo. Mutually exclusive, alas. Sigh.


Ok, enough of that.


M1: l/o chicken strips and kale/beets, coffe w c milk. I seem to have bailed on the whole oil pulling thing over the weekend. Back on it tomorrow.


M2: l/o pork w taro home fries and homemade sriracha which came out really good!


M3: Maybe bora bora meatbals from Well Fed with plantain crackers and kale/beets. Maybe I'll make kale chips if I am not feeling too lazy.


Really tired today. 

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Bora Bora Fireballs, two thumbs up. I made it with buffalo because that's that I had, used red onion instead of scallions because that's what I had, and I forgot the eggs entirely... still really good. Better, no doubt, with pork.


I am not making any more plantain chips. First of all, I burned them slightly (message from the universe?), and then I ate them anyway. Not all of them... my daughter made quite the dent. I simply cannot be trusted around such foods. I am an experiential learner!

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Day 13


oil pulling 1st thing


M1: 2 eggs and 2 bora boras, l/o kale & beets. Coffee w c milk.


M2: turkey burger with sriracha and mayo (my daughter called it "Whole 30 thousand island"), beets (where did all the kale go? just beets left), rainbow chard, l/o oyster shrooms/eggplant, some taro home fries, and a ladleful of pureed sweet potatoes/onions/cranberries (a leftovers experiment that worked... I love that).


M3: Another ladleful of the puree topped with beets and 4 bora boras.


Working overnight. I brought more leftovers: turkey burger, chard, taro homefries, olives, mayo, sriracha (brought a container for my W30 buddy and co-worker). And I always have my emergency sardines and salmon, not that I'll need them. Hopefully I will get to sleep a little tonight and won't need to eat anything, and it'll be M1 tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

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Day 14


M1: 5am at work, turkey burger, chard, taro fries, eggplant, sriracha and mayo.  Otherwise didn't eat overnight. These meals have been totally holding me. And what was awesome was I didn't get home at 8:30 and have to eat before crashing because I was still satiated from M1.


M2: TBA. Probably turkey burger, it's there and easy. Slept all day and just woke up. Drinking coffee. Yawn. 


It'll be a 2 meal day.


Update: who ate all the turkey burgers?! So it was salmon, kale, and leftover other veggies, papaya

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