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Day 29


M1: pulled pork, greens kabocha. cof w c m


M2: ground beef, greens, kabocha


M3: pork, baby kale, sautéd mushrooms and Asian eggplant in ghee... yumami


Tomorrow, holy crap, is day 30. And it's my birthday. And I'll be traveling, up in the air, junior birdman. I am gonna eat breakfast before I leave the house in the morning, pack a lunch for the plane, and then I'll have dinner in vegetarian-land, so I'll be reintroducing soy/legumes first. I have my RxBars, Epic bars, and coconut butter, and a personal coffee maker mug thingy I bought because they don't have coffee where I'm going. BYOC.


Really not planning on reintroducing anything else till next week (though I did buy a Theo chocolate bar which is pretty clean as far as chocolate goes), maybe I won't even eat it, but just have it to thwart any more radical caving. Yea right...  :rolleyes:

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Hot springs retreat!!!!


Made the best decisions possible, stayed as 'paleo' as I could. Protein: eggs and my emergency bars and jerky. ALL of my choices were mindfully and deliberately made. I feel pretty god about it.

Stayed free of gluten and most dairy. Here are some of the things I did eat at one time or another: quinoa, tempeh, and in some of the recipes there was a little corn and sugar, agave in some prepared herbal tea. 

I ate an extraordinary amount of vegetables.


Tried some gluten-gree morning muffins and bread (did not over-do it). I declined the gluten-free vegan brownies! Had one square of Ghiradelli 72% chocolate.


Was gassier than I normal was on W30 (unless I ate nuts and dried fruits), thinking due to past experience it was probably the nuts added to many of the dishes. 


On the way back yesterday we took a wrong turn and got a bit lost in the mountains, Thank goodness we didn't get stranded in the snow and have to resort to cannibalism  :wacko:. Though that would have been compliant, yes? Long story short, I missed my flight home, and stayed overnight with one of my travel buddies at her home. We went out to dinner at a burger joint... omg... "Kiwi lamb burger" on a gluten free bun (I indulged), and poutine with squid ink aioli and shaved parmesan. Killer.


Caught a flight back this morning, ate an RxBar and coconut butter on the plane, and had enough leftovers in the fridge to have a 'compliant' lunch. Unfortunately, I finished the meal with dried apricots and almond butter and now I am paying the price and may need to sleep on the couch tonight  :unsure:. I wanted something sweet. I poked the sugar dragon. Am going back to W30 guidelines to calm down my gut and get that dragon back to sleep.


Hope everyone else is doing well with continuation, reintros, or whatever. I'll catch up on journals tomorrow.

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