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I know this has been brought up before, but I'm wondering if anyone else out there is with me - I am on the January Whole 30 (yay!) and I can't seem to get enough water. It's ridiculous. I started easing into the Whole30 a couple days before actually starting it, and I was thirsty then, too. It's like the second I put my cup down, I'm thirsty again. Even my beloved coffee is starting to feel not-so-beloved because it makes my mouth just want more water.


What am I to do? Am I going to drown? :) 


But really, any insight into this? The posts I saw before were kind of inconclusive.



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Are you doing a low carb paleo? It takes more water for your body to burn fat and protein for fuel then it does to burn glucose. I'm experiencing the same side effect and always seem to have a glass of water or tea near me. But have you found yourself running to the bathroom quite often? I feel like I have to go every half hour lmao. But what I've read from online, this symptom will die down and it's really more of the detox process.

Really listen to your thirst signals, the percentage of people who have died from too much water intake is very low, and most of those have been from water drinking contests. So if you consumed 10 liters of water over a course of few minutes you'd probably drown for sure! Lol

Best wishes :)

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Hi @sailorlawrence - Thanks for the feedback! I haven't really been consciously trying to do anything like low-carb, I have my sweet potato whenever I think I need/want it.

YES I need to go to the bathroom so much more now - which is probably good, since I know I wasn't drinking enough water especially after it started to get colder (yay winter!). It's good to know I'm not the only one - it's just so weird to feel thirsty even right after drinking. :) 

Thanks Robin! I will definitely pay attention to the salt, since we don't really add much to our food anyway. 


Hoping I will stop feeling like I have a desert in my mouth soon! :)

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