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Success starts with a first try...


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My background: I am 36, 5'6" and somewhere around 125 lbs. I consider myself a pretty healthy eater. I have lived overseas in various countries for the past 10 years. I have twin 4 year old boys who I have always tried to give healthy foods too. I have a husband of 12 years who makes pretty poor food decisions daily, though he has come a long way with my encouragement. My boys have developed his poor eating habits and unwillingness to try new things and it breaks my heart. From the time they started eating solid food, they would eat anything I gave them (except salmon!). Now, they eat all fruits, cucumbers, cheese, milk, yogurt and rice krispies. Though none of those things are particularly unhealthy, they would live off of wheat thins and ritz crackers (which they call "Daddy's crackers") if I let them. They rarely eat meat of any kind, though they do like ham. Unfortunately, where we currently live there is no source for any of the healthier ham options, so I do limit that. One of my boys loves eggs, the other will only eat the white part of a boiled egg. 


I stopped eating grains about 3 months ago and have felt great. I was having horrible bloating and gassiness every night prior to that. I do not have much of a sweet tooth but do like dark chocolate and peanut butter on apples! I also love wine and have a glass almost nightly. When I stopped eating grains, cheese became a common snack for me. I don't typically drink milk, but do have a bit in my coffee in the morning most days, and sometimes a second cup in the afternoon. I phased out processed sugars in our house over a year ago, switching to honey, agave and stevia drops. Though I have issues with the processed nature of them, I feel like they are better choices (after Whole 30 I might try raw honey). My biggest challenge during Whole30 is going to be overcoming my fear of fats and eating such a large amount of meat and eggs! Veggies won't be a problem, I like them all and practiacally live off soup in the winter and salad in the summer. I love to cook and am excited to try new recipes. My goals for the month are to find any food triggers for my acne, which I have struggle with my entire life, to see how my energy level changes and one slightly more personal issue I am not going to post here  ;) .  I have also decide to do a 30 day plank challenge and squat, push-up, leg lift challenge. Big deal for me because I hate exercise. Prior to having my twins I was in great shape and exercised often but the times I have tried to get back in the habit have been interrupted by one thing or another...excuses, I know. I am hoping this kickstarts my old love of the way exercise makes me feel.


Bonus: Hubby is on board, though I know it is going to be super difficult for him to manage 30 days, I am hoping he can stick it out and even learn to like some new things. Hopefully it rubs off on the kids. And extra bonus - no crackers in the house to keep the kids out of!


Prepped the day before (New Years Day, a great way to kick off 2014!): 


  • Egg and veg muffins (4 cups of peppers, zucc, kale cooked in ghee mixed with 12 eggs, baked into 12 "muffins")

  • Breakfast Sausage (1 lb ground pork, 1 lb ground turkey, 1 apple, 1 onion, 1 egg, spices cooked in 1/4 cup size patties - used my ice cream scoop to measure!)

  • Chicken vegetable soup - diced peppers, carrots, zucc, onion, chicken thighs, homemade chicken stock

  • Dry rubbed a whole chicken for the next day

  • Paleo mayo (delicious!)

  • Cut up carrots and cucmbers to add to meals

  • Hard boiled some eggs


Day 1 meals:


  • M1: 6:00 am - one egg & Veg muffin, half an orange, 1.5 sausage patties, half an avocado, coffe with coconut milk (which I didn't feel like finishing, had about half)
  • hungry around 10, but at work with no time to eat so had to wait
  • M2: 12:00 pm - about 3 cups chicken vegetable soup, 1/2 cup blanched kale, small handful of almonds and cashews
  • black coffee at 2:30 pm
  • pretty hungry for dinner by 5:00
  • M3: 6:30 pm - Crock pot roasted chicken thigh and leg, zucc and carrots sauteed in ghee, shredded sweet potato cooked in ghee
  • Did a short workout (plank, leg lifts, squats, push ups).
  • Asleep by 9:30, slept great minus a wake up via 4 year old at 12:30!
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Day 2

M1: 2 egg veggie muffins, 1.5 sausage patties, 1/2 avocado, herbal tea

Not at all hungry until lunch!

Black coffee around 10

M2: 2 cups chicken veggie soup, 1 cup kale, 1 cup sauteed sweet potato, handful of olives

Still hungry before leaving work at 5:30. I was totally full at lunch so have to figure out the balance. Think it needs more protein.

M3: pork souvlaki lettuce wraps with coconut cream tzatziki (definately making this one again!) stir fried veggie mix

Drank 4 half liters bottles of water with no effort, usually I am pushing myself to drink enough.

Short exercise bit, now shutting off the computer to relax :-)

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