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AIP and low-FODMAP for ME/CFS and IBS


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So, it's been about a year and a half since I was last here. I never officially finished my last Whole30 so this is, officially, my first! A lot has happened since I last visited. I'm not going to bore anyone with all the details, so I'll try to keep this brief ;)

I have a long history of disordered eating, weight issues and digestive distress (I was diagnosed with IBS 15 years ago). I've made major progress in moving away from disordered thinking about food, eating and my body. As long as I keep focus on how I feel in my body and what it can do, rather than how I look or weigh, I do just fine!

About a year ago I was diagnosed with ME/CFS, after almost a year of struggling with major fatigue and brain fog. Since then I've made several diet changes but not until I discovered the AIP protocol nothing was neither helping nor sustainable. But I still have pretty major digestive distress a bit to often. After learning about the role of low stomach acid I realised that my former food combining practice only masked a major problem rather than solved anything. I also realised that a few more foods were distressing, so I learned about FODMAPs. Not to talk about leaky gut, food intolerances and cross-reactivity...

Anyway, my Whole30 will be both AIP and low-FODMAP with plenty of gut healing foods: bone both, liver and, although perhaps not strictly compliant, gelatin. I will also supplement with HCl, magnesium, D3, folate and B12. Maybe I'll try to get hold of some fermented cod liver oil as well.

Tomorrow's the day! Wish me luck :)

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Day one

Breakfast: oven-roasted carrot & parsnip with coconut oil, cucumber, leftover lamb & lemon & ginger tea

Lunch: oven-roasted carrot, parsnip & pumpkin, kale chips & chicken

Dinner: leftovers: chicken, lamb, oven-roasted carrot & pumpkin & a banana

After a couple of days of major tummy ache, today was a welcome relief! Peppermint tea helped with afternoon soreness as well. This isn't that far from how I've eaten the last month and a half or so, so I'm not expecting too many cravings. I am missing pears though, I've kind of been obsessed lately...

I meditated this morning and am saving my energy for travelling tomorrow, so lots of rest!

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Yes Natasha, I think we have to move from the fixation on weight and focus on what our bodies can do and how we feel in them. As soon as I start to focus on weight loss rather than health and healing, I spiral down the rabbit hole of disordered eating and disordered thinking about food and myself. And throwing out the scale is one of the best things ever! Highly recommended :)

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Day two


Breakfast: chicken and parsnip ribbons fried in coconut oil, cucumber, banana and peppermint tea with gelatin

Lunch: skillet meal with pork/beef mince, carrot,parsnip, rutabaga, green beans and coconut oil, kale chips

Dinner: roast chicken, olives, cucumber and banana


So, travelling back home today. I did get hungry this afternoon and only had ginger water, I wish I´d brought a snack but I managed.. Traveling and quite a bit of walking today (as I had to get some food) so now I´m exhausted. But I managed to make some food, or rather put stuff in the oven and then resting, and fill my crockpot with meat and veggies!

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Day three


Breakfast: slow cooked citrus roast, I used this recipe http://autoimmune-paleo.com/herbed-pot-roast-with-carrots-and-parsnips/ as a template but added a turnip and used clementine juice and added coconut oil to my plate, peppermint tea

Lunch: skillet meal: chicken, parsnip, green beans, spinach and coconut oil and a banana

Snack: broth, carrots and beef from the roast with added gelatine and 1/2 a banana

Dinner: the veggies and broth from the roast made into a soup with added ginger, gelatine and coconut oil and beef roast


This has been a tired and achy day, not as bad as expected though and an epsom salt bath helped was soothing. Hormonal and a bit bloated (particularly in the afternoon) too. So it´s been a day in bed. Depending on my energy levels I will try out the new exercises I got from my physical therapist, that´ll be interesting! As well as a short walk to the library.


I´m starting to suspect that the next couple of weeks will be a lot of repetition in the foods department, it wil definatley be a test of my culinary skills to keep things interesting as well as tasty!

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Day three


Snack: 1/2 banan and a pinch of salt

Breakfast: leftover soup and beef from yesterdays dinner and a banana

Lunch: another skillet meal with muscat pumpkin, spinach, chicken and coconut oil and a banana

Snack: chicken, grapes and coconut oil

Dinner: three-herb beef patties (http://autoimmune-paleo.com/three-herb-beef-breakfast-patties/), veggies soup (carrots, parsnips, zucchini, green beans and kale) and strawberries


Woke up at three hungry with a heavy heartbeat. It´s been a long time since I last did that, but after a snack and body scanning I managed to get back to sleep. I find it hard to get carbs without having too much fruit, which is probably why I didn´t sleep through the night. So today I´ve had a bit more fruit as well as pumpkin and roots. Hopefully I´ll have a better nights sleep.


Despite the disturbed sleep I´ve had a really good day. Good mood, nice walk, no bloating, no heartburn and less joint pain  :) .

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Thanks for cheering me on Kryztle! Right back at ya´  :).  I´ve had a bit of a weird day but my tummy is liking this way of eating very much!


Day four


I went to see my ME/CFS doctor today and she´s really onboard with paleo, and recommened fermented foods! I´m going to participate in their medical study on the effects on B12 supplementation, or rather why it works for some of us, and I´m really really exited about that. They are suspecting an auto-immune connection, which is in line with the latest findings in Norway. What is not as much fun is that the acne I´ve developed this autumn could be a side effect of the B12-injections.


Breakfast: herb beef patties and veggie soup from yesterdays dinner 

Lunch: skillet meal with parsnips, carrot, chicken and coconut oil and a few grapes

Snack: citrus roast, coconut oil and a banana

Dinner: beef & liver patties, cucumber, carrot, parsnips and coconut oil and a few grapes


Due to my doctors visit I had to get up early, together with not great sleep quality, it made for a tired/wired kind of a day. But my mood is stable, which is awesome  :) !

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Day five


Breakfast: skillet meal with shredded carrot, parsnips and left over citrus roast and a banana

Lunch: lemon and rosemary chicken, shredded carrot, parsnips, ginger and coconut oil and grapes

Dinner: more lemon and rosemary chicken with oven roasted carrot and parsnips and cucumber


My tummy is so happy during the day, no pain, no bloating but after dinner I do get bloated. It´such an improvement from how it was before though, which makes me very, very happy! Mood is still good but I need to work on getting to bed earlier. 

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Day six


Breakfast: beef and liver patties, coconut oil, cucumber, strawberries and lemon ginger tea with gelatine

Lunch: my current favourite skillet meal with parsnips, carrot, ginger, chicken and coconut oil and a banana

Snack: lunch leftovers, 1/2 a banana and clementine

Dinner: leftover citrus roast, broth and carrot, chicken and cucumber


Day six, not bad! As far as meals this is not too far from how I´ve eaten since I started AIP. This is of cause more limited since I´m now doing low FODMAPs as well but the formula of meat/veggies/fat/fruit feels very familiar and easy. What I do miss is honey in my tea and the occasional treat.


I over did things yesterday, both physically and mentally, so today has been spent in bed. On days like these I do experience cravings so I had some extra fruit. Unfortunatley I reacted badly to the clementine all citrus are out for now. I´m hoping for a good nights sleep and a quiet weekend.

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Day seven


Breakfast: beef stew with muscat pumpkin, zuccini and ginger and a banana

Lunch: same as breakfast

Dinner: salmon, carrot, parsnip, ginger and coconut oil and grapes


A week down, three to go! Not sure what´s going on but the stew I made didn´t taste right, neither did any other foods except for the fruit. Either my skills are failing me or something else is happening. I also had heartburn after both the stew meals so, as I´ve said, something is off. Thankfully I´m slowly recovering and another good night´s sleep, I managed 9, will hopefully help too!


I´ve still learned a lot about my digestion this week, what works and what doesen´t. On my list of safe veggies and fruits are carrots, parsnips, cucumber, spinach, banans and grapes. Green beans, zucchini and muscat pumpkin are possible problems for now, hopefully the coming week will clear things up.

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Day eight


Breakfast: 3-herb patties, carrot, parsnips, coconut oil, cucumber, chicken bone broth and a banana

Lunch: leftover salmon, veggie soup (carrot, parsnips, kale, chicken bone broth and apple cider vinegar) and grapes

Snack: beef and liver patties, coconut oil and grapes

Dinner: skillet meal with ground beef, carrot, parsnip, ginger and coconut oil


I´m almost back to MY normal, the clear headedness and mood is back on, the body - not yet.


It seems like this is turning in to a elimination diet similar to Algaée Jacob in "Digestive Health with Real Food" (highly recommended by the way!) than a Whole 30. And Is I´m sitting here with a tummy ache maybe that is not such a bad idea. 


So, I´m changing my AIP Whole30 and low-FODMAPs to "my safe foods Whole30".  I have some fresh zucchini in my fridge that I don´t want to waste, and am curious to try out peeled and deseeded at the end of the week. But other than that I plan to stick with my safe foods this week and then reevaluate next weekend.

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Day nine


Breakfast: 3-herb beef patties, carrot, parsnip, coconut oil, chicken bone broth and a banana

Lunch: beef and liver patties, carrot, parsnip, cucumber and grapes

Snack: grapes, beef and liver bites and coconut oil

Dinner: chicken thighs, carrot, parsnip, spinach and coconut oil


Despite a very sore throat and fluey symptoms this morning, I feel better. Sleep wasn´t to good as the tummy ache kept me from getting to sleep. I will take some medication tonight to help me get back in the groove. I did go for a walk, wich was nice but a little bit too long (I kind of got lost...).


During the day I´ve finally made the decision to do the proper elimination diet from "Digestive Health with Real Food" with two exceptions which I´ve cleared with Aglaeé Jacbos (very friendly and quick advise through FB!).


Technically I´m not doing Whole30 anymore but the template is the very similar it is just the variety of foods that are very different. For now I will keep this log going as it is still a useful tool for me (as well as an app that will help me track my symptoms). I hope that is ok :)

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Technically I´m not doing Whole30 anymore but the template is the very similar it is just the variety of foods that are very different. For now I will keep this log going as it is still a useful tool for me (as well as an app that will help me track my symptoms). I hope that is ok :)


If you are no longer doing a Whole30 but would like to keep a log than you can do it in the post W30 section. Because other people read these logs looking for guidance on their program we like to keep them clean of non-W30 logging. I'd be happy to move your current log for you if you don't want to start a new one. Let me know what you would like to do.

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