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Watery Eyes: Worsening allergies or should I head to Doc?


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Hello experts and peers, 


I am on Day 3 of my first ever Whole 30. The daily newsletter today mentioned that some side effects may be worsening allergies and flu like symptoms. 


Since yesterday, my right eye has been crazy-watery. It's not particularly red, but definitely secreting more than normal. Generally, with allergies, both eyes will be itchy and watery. 


I'm trying to decide if this is normal, or if I have the potential for pink eye and should head to the clinic. I fully realize most of you aren't doctors, but perhaps a similar thing has happened to you and we can learn from mutual experience. 


Thanks in advance!

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Not that I'm aware of. We have a wee one, but he's been out of school for the holiday break and he says his eyes aren't troubling him. The eye isn't RED! That's why I'm less inclined to think it's conjunctivitis. 


I'll just have one of my three sibling-in-laws who are doctors check it out and see what they think. Thanks for chiming in!

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