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Whole30 Number Two-back to healthy after a little indulgence

Colleen Roy

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We finished our first whole30 (29) on Saturday and indulged in some adult beverages that night, ran a half marathon on Sunday and treated ourselves to crazy good french fries and sandwiches afterwards, and ended our long weekend with a few more adult beverages and a pizza today. While I'm happy to say that neither of us seems to have any serious negative effects from our "off-road" experience, we are both anxious to get back to our "new normal". While our sleep was negatively impacted this weekend-I'm not sure it was from the alcohol or the wicked uncomfortable bed at the hotel! Either way, we are committed to getting back to clean eating beginning tomorrow morning and will be working towards another clean 30+ days. We've seen the benefits and it's just not worth it to eat/drink/live any other way. :)

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