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Whole 30 Log


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*DAY 2*


I am officially on day 2 of a new round of Whole30. I have nearly completed a few rounds before and still think the Whole9 philosophy, science, and guidelines are one of the best food lifestyles around. When I'm on a roll, I enjoy the benefits many of us all do: feeling energized, leaner physique, better workouts, less bloat and gas, clear complexion, soft skin, that healthy glow etc. I also love the SWYPO philosophy! When you're adjusting your diet, its so tempting to replace it with clean junk food. I go way overboard with SWYPO food if I don't stop myself. Hello, a heap of sweet potato fries does not constitute a full meal! 


I am in dire need of a Whole30. After a hellish, grueling fall of working my ass off (12-15 hr days) and throwing nutrition out the window, my body just feels achy and sick. To make things worse, I either overeat or completely refrain from eating when very stressed. Either ends of the spectrum throw my digestion and hormones out of whack.  No matter how compliant I have been on a paleo diet, I still have to resist the urge to get fast food cause I had a bad day. I am also looking forward to refraining from alcohol because even if its one beer after work, its one beer too many for me. No need for the calories or self-medication after a stressful day. 


One of the things I loved about Whole9 is the satiation reset factor. I love that I can eat a full meal of healthy protein, vegs, fats, and fruit and stop at the right serving. Just like the manual reads, once you limit your diet to "food with no breaks"...you cannot stop eating. After months of not caring about my diet, I find myself overeating several times a week. 


So to summarize... I know that Whole30 is a great re-set diet. I am actually CRAVING healthy food and am excited to place my health high at the top of my priorities list again. 


I will admit that I haven't been super great about creating well-balanced meals, but all the food have been Whole30 compliant. I need to get organized this weekend! 

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