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Gearing up for 2nd W30+


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I am almost finished reading ISWF and I'm just about ready to being my second W30, although this time I might make it W45 or W60.  I am psyched to do this; the hardest part is spending all day Sunday cooking up for the week ahead.  I miss watching football, and now it's play-off time!  And I just bought myself a season pass to ski, so I am hoping the weather gets "normal" instead of 30 below zero, so I can get out and ski!  


I've done a great job of mixing things up and creating great combinations of protein and veggies.  I love NomNom Paleo and TheClothesMakeTheGirl and StupidEasyPaleo - I'm counting on their recipe archives to help avoid food boredom.  I have 7 chickens who are laying even now as overnight temps dip to 25 below zero!!!!  They gave me 3 eggs today - although one was frozen and cracked, so I'll have to give that one to the dog or scramble it and give it back to the chicks. 


I haven't felt this positive and optimistic in years.  My first W30 ended at the 28 day mark because I realized that I had an unhealthy relationship with coffee.  I love coffee.  Decaffeinated coffee.  With light dairy cream or with coconut cream and coconut oil.  It's very satisfying to me, and helps me get through the morning without craving more food.  And I eat a huge breakfast!!  And I drink almost a gallon of water every day.  I eat a lot of food and drink alot of water and I am still a relatively small person (I am about 5'3 and weigh 125).  I have always eaten  more food than anyone I know.  And I drink a ton of water.  How is it that I'm not in the bathroom half the day??  Anyway - this time with my W30 I'm looking to really challenge my food / beverage "addictions."  I hate using that word, because I've been in 12-step programs for "addictions" before and I don't think I'm actually addicted, but I often use certain substances in an unhealthy manner.  When  I got to day 26 or 27 of my first W30 and realized that I was depending on 3 cups of decaf every day with significant amounts of coconut oil and coconut milk/cream to get me from breakfast to lunch, it occurred to me that this might be something I could address in my second W30.  The time is nearly here.  And I feel a bit of the jitters thinking about reducing my 3-cup morning ritual.  I have no problem drinking more water.  I just hate the feeling of being really hungry before 11:30.  Especially since I really think I eat a bigger breakfast than anyone I know.  (granted I don't actually know all the folks on the Whole9 website/forum, so I'm probably in very good company :) )


Things that surprised me about my first W30 - I didn't miss dairy (even the light cream I had in my 3 cups of coffee every day, or my greek yogurt).  I didn't miss sweets.  Beets and sweet potatoes tasted remarkably sweet to me, and bananas were almost too sweet.  I didn't miss alcohol.  I am a home-brewer, and I really like beer, but during my 1st W30 I really didn't miss it.  My chronic low back pain was significantly less painful.  My sleeping improved.  I didn't lose any weight (I don't need to lose weight) but towards the end of the W30, my body distribution was much improved - the slightly soft belly I was sporting, became much tighter and firmer.

I had defended my diet before the W30 (included quinoa at breakfast every day), but once I started the W30, I didn't even desire quinoa or any grains.  I have had grains, dairy, alcohol and sugar, and I don't think they are super horrendous for me, but I don't like how I feel when I consume them.  Especially gluten.  I need to be careful with dairy because I can go overboard.  I love full-fat dairy.  Always have.  And I love beer, especially my black-raspberry ale.  And sugar???  Well, if I give myself a little bit, I cannot seem to stop.  Like Melissa says, no brakes.  I only stop when it's gone.  It's the combination of eating "crap" that makes me feel like crap.  Maybe it's just the mindless eating.  I'm not entirely sure, but I plan to spend some time contemplating this as I embark on the next bout of truly clean eating.

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