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Day #2 and WOW! What a change!

Keri W.

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Yesterday I posted that I was on my first day and felt awful. My joints were stiff, I felt bloated, breathing was messed up (asthma), sinuses were draining, headache, etc. In short, I was a hot mess. My first day went really well, other than the fact that I wanted sugar and my habitual afternoon coffees with cream. I resisted. I'm actually proud of myself for doing so well and not giving up. Today I was rewarded with less bloating, I'm breathing without a problem, and my joints are not anywhere near as stiff and sore as they were yesterday. In fact, I feel pretty good! Clearly there are certain foods that are an issue for me. I'm looking forward to seeing just how great I will feel when my body is completely rid of the garbage that I have consumed. It is also amazing to me that for the first time in my life, my main focus is on how I am feeling...instead of "what can I eat that fits into my daily calorie/point range/carb count that satisfies my sweet/salty/fatty craving?" My motivation is that I know deep down that if I am feeling great, I will also look great and be able to do great things. :D

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