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Oh no! Do I have to start over? Chicken broth


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Last night I made the Tarragon Chicken which included, among other things, 1/3 cup of Whole Foods 365 organic chicken broth. I made enough for 3 portions and ate one portion.

This morning I discovered there is "less then 2% cane sugar...that adds a negligible amount of sugars." The sugar amount listed in the nutritional facts is zero.

I am a super detective when it comes to reading labels so I don't know how I missed it. And I wouldn't have bought it if I had seen even a negligible amount listed.

But now that that tiny amount is in me, if it means I should start over, I will. But gosh I just hope someone in the know will tell me that's not necessary. :-)

Bring on the good or bad news...Thanks for any info you can share!

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A restart is not absolutly necessary, it kind of depends on you. This was a mistake, and a mistake with sugar, so I think brushing yourself off and continuing is an a-ok course of action.


Now, if you had said "f***-it", and ate some sugar knowingly, I would say: restart. And, if you had mistakingly eaten one of the serious gut-disrupters (gluten, dairy, soy, caarageenan, etc) I would also suggest a restart, or at least leaving out that offending food for 30 more days without reintroducing, but yeah: a tiny amount of sugar by accident is not that.


From now on, read labels! You might be surprised at how often there is sugar or carrageenan or soy in a packaged food. 

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