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It's day 4 of my third W30. I wanted to start this on day one, but have been spending most my time in the kitchen getting meals ready for me and the fiance, who is tagging along with me on his official first W30. 


Reasons why this W30 is going to be different from my last two W30's:

1. No Travel.This is the first time I will not be traveling at least two weeks during my W30. Yay.. awesome sauce. No more awful airport emergency food(nuts and icky fruit), taking 3 minutes to order my dinner at restaurants, or bring tortured by Torchy Taco cravings in Austin (by far the hardest part!)

2. Breaking Bad...habits. I'm making an effort to not default on fruit and nuts and sticking to the meal plan strictly. In my past experiences, I've faltered a bit by eating more nuts and fruit than I should. It usually leads to me failing to conquer my ugly sugar monsters that too often take over my efforts and sanity. I think I struggle with bad mental obstacles with sugar and alcohol that I'm trying to destroy our at least attempt to get a better hold of in these next 30 days and beyond.

3. YOGA - finding my inner strength with Sun salutation some serious mindfulness. 

4. Kitchen Preparedness. No more 2-3 hour dinners to prepare every night. I made the preparedness mistake last time. Give me some 70's soul, some coconut La Croix, and consider my weekly cook up done!

5. Cataloguing. Yup. I'm going to take some time to reflect every day on this experience. I didn't do this with my last b experiences.


Day 4 reflection: I'm itchy. Lol. No really. I have a rash on my arms and my is weird. I think it's the detoxing. Anyone else itchy?


I don't really have any cravings for sugar thus far. Just weird food dreams about eating things I shouldn't and craving a drink after a Long work day. I'm a bit scared at how much I think I need a drink. Makes me realize that a beer or gin and tonic was a crutch for my problems in life. : (


I am tired though. Yesterday was awful. I was just mentally and physically beat. I was early to bed and woke up feeling the best I've felt in months. 


Okay, my car's oil is changed. 

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       this is my first time doing w30 and I'm on day 3. I too am getting an itchy rash on my face and body but on the plus side my headache is getting better. I went to the local corner shop earlier and it was scary, full of potato crisps/chips and sugary chocolatey stuff. Until then I'd not been getting any cravings. I'm lucky in that my boyfriend is very supportive and also a hypnotherapist, so he has said if the cravings get too bad he will use 'it' on me :)

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Day 6 - 


I'm a bit tired of eating eggs, again! This happened to me in my other W30's and this time around it's coming back with a vengeance. I'm resorting to some salmon/tuna/ seafood in the mornings instead mixed with some yummy homemade mayo and some killer awesome penzey's spices. 


Energy's a bit low, but I can feel my body adapt with each day. Better sleep, clearer thinking, my bloat is gone. I realized that I really over did it with the ground meats last week. I made two different kind of meatballs - italian and sage/turkey, which at the time seemed like a great idea...but I need a serious break from that ground meat, man. No more bangers and balls for me, sorry Melissa J! :)  This week's plan: Seafood, more chicken and pork chops, baby!


Went to yoga yesterday for the first time in two weeks. It was challenging - hoping that with more practice it will get a lot easier. 


Bring it, day 6!

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I don't have much to add but I do love Torchy's Tacos. i searched cravings and found this post and man with all the selection of Mexican (I am thinking it is one of my favorite types of food) it is just difficult to stay compliant, but hey, nothing worthwhile is easy, right? Today is my day #4 (had to start over because I got the flu right after I bough all my w30 groceries, so literally nothing was made to help me succeed). Anyway, good luck with number 3!

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