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My 4th Whole30, With a Different Perspective!

Bethany Gingerich

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OK.  So in 9 days I'll be starting my 4th Whole30!  The reason I decided to do one at this time, though, is a little weird for me to explain.....because it's goal-oriented.  Which feels weird.  Basically, I know how incredible I feel on W30 and how much better my body looks after, and that is the reason I picked this.


My boyfriend decided to join a 12-week body transformation challenge that begins on Jan. 13.  I thought about it and decided to join him.  But I want to do it only in the cleanest, healthiest way possible.  We'll be doing an incredibly demanding workout program and I need to feel my most amazing to make it happen.  So this shows how much I believe in W30, to pick it out of all the eating plans out there!


The only thing is that obviously I can't have supplements.  But I thought it through, and I think it's worth it to me to not have supplements for the first 30 days.  I only know what W30 does for me in its purest form, and I don't want to compromise that in any way.  I can add in supplements after the 30 days and see how I feel.  


I'm pretty excited about this, and can't wait to get it going!  I can't wait for that pure, sweet sleep which usually kicks in for me by about the 3rd day.  I've been stressed and not sleeping well, so I'm craving that already!


I logged my last Whole30 in pretty great detail, including some yummy recipes (I just looked through it and I had forgotten about some of them, can't wait to try them again).  Will probably try to say pretty consistent this time too.  


So I'll be officially joining you guys on Jan. 13!  Looking forward to it! :)

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Protein supplements are completely unnecessary as you can get more than you need easily from meat, eggs, fish, and poultry. 


There are a few supplements that are genuinely useful - Vitamin D, magnesium, and fish oil if you are new to eating good food. Here are a collection of articles that might be useful if you want to do some reading from the Whole9 perspective...


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