Whole30 Eating on an Ambulance

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Hi all! It is day 4 of our Whole30 and besides a kitchen that looks like an explosion went off, it's going really well!

One of my biggest challenges is figuring out meals for my boyfriend. 

  • He works 12 hour shifts on an ambulance with no microwave or fridge and very little time/space to actually eat.
  • He does have a lunch bag cooler but figuring out how to manage has been our biggest challenge.
  • I think he also feels like he is constantly snacking rather than eating a meal because of his situation (unless it's a sandwich), it is hard to get out a plate and utensils in the space.
  • He also wakes up at 4 am and does not like to eat for a few hours which I think makes him hungrier.


Anyone have a similar experience and solutions? We would be so appreciative :) Thanks!

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Hey there,


I also work 12 hour shifts on a busy hospital unit with no food or drink allowed outside the lounge. He may feel like he's snacking all the time but as long as they are compliant snacks - protein, veggie, fat - he's fine on work days. It's important to remember that we all have to work within our own context - for him that may mean lots of mini snack on work days.

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Ironic, yes? Tons of free, unhealthy foods at the hospitals! He may need to carry a cooler in the rig with lots of bite sized things..meatballs, HB eggs, sliced veggies, olives. Use home made mayo to make fun dips for the veggies. Things that don't need to be heated will be best. I know it's hard to not have a full, real meal but as long as he's getting enough compliant food he can have the real meals on his days off!

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