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Red Wine in Stew


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Can I ask someone to elaborate on this? If you have a six-hour stew, certainly all of the alcohol dissipates. Are there other culprits in wine that we're supposed to be avoiding? Thnx . . . 


There are lots of reasons the whole30 has black-and-white rules. One is to make it something that many different people can follow without ambiguity or confusion. One is that research tells us the brain has a finite ability to make choices, meaning the more decisions you have to make about your eating choices, the more likely you are to get fatigued and lose the willpower to make good ones. I do not know if all the alcohol cooks off, or if it matters if it does, but during the whole30 I abstain from any alcohol cooked or uncooked. I don't have to decide. 


Post-whole30 I might decide a little residual alcohol is "worth it" for an amazing stew, or I might not, but at that point it is based on my personal calculus, not the whole30 rules. This is why riding your own bike (post-whole30) is so hard. It helps to get 30 days of clean eating under your belt before you challenge yourself in that way. During the whole30, the rules are the rules and you get to relax and just follow them. When you think of it that way it can actually be quite freeing.

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Miss Mary . . . thank you for this post. I meant to thank you when you first posted it, and kept forgetting.


I had a feeling the answer was going to be something like this. It's similar to the white potato issue. Not anything technically wrong with it, but there's not much benefit to it either, and cutting it out frees you up to not have to think about all sorts of other things (French fries, potato chips, and so on).


In any case, this is all good to know, and keep in mind. Thanks!


I know someone who is doing an even stricter version of Whole30, where some protein sources (like nuts and eggs) are cut out as well. This is to test protein reactions during the re-introduction phase. No thanks -- almonds save me practically every day!

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