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Started January 1st


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Hi my name is Joy I am 42 and live in the UK. I have 3 children they all have autism and one of them also has ADHD, I work full time as a midwife. I have been paleo for about 3 months I decided to try paleo as I have fibromyalgia and food intolerances to dairy and gluten. Paleo has helped with my symptoms but I went off the rails over Christmas so decided to do a whole 30. All my friends and family think I am crazy but they have always thought that anyway. I have signed up for whole 30 daily but only yesterday so got day 1 when I am on day 4 still helpful though. So far it has gone very well but today I feel very tired and a bit spacey also craving a bit but it is my sons birthday and there is cake in the kitchen, I have resisted though. Looking forward to this journey I will complete it too stubborn not to. I run often training for a half marathon and lift weights. Good luck to you all on your whole 30.

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