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Lesa's W30 Log


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Today was challenging. Not only did we have a family birthday celebration, with hamburgers and all the trimmings, as well as an amazing looking birthday cake, but it's day 3, and I'm feeling it. I felt like I could nap at any time, although I didn't get to.

I managed to stay true to W30 because I planned ahead. I took my own food to the party, and turned down anything there. I was amazed at how often I almost ate chips or candy without thinking! Just shows how much of my eating is by habit. 

Still have not started exercise....


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I have hit day 7! So far, I have stayed on plan. Yesterday began an upswing in my energy level. I came home from work and spent two hours in the kitchen, preparing a supper that would also be lunch today, prepping veggies and clarifying butter. If this is like last time, this next week should be easier. something about a 30-day goal makes this so much more doable for me. I want a glass of wine? I can wait till February for that. And by then, I probably won't want it so much. 

I was hungry each time I ate yesterday, to the point of my stomach growling. That hasn't happened in a couple of months, for sure!

Gotta work on the sleep thing that I read about yesterday. Who knew that sleeping on my back was better for my face?? At 57, it's a little late to learn that! I have found that I have less need to read myself to sleep lately. I just go to bed and sleep comes. 

Still have not started exercise...

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