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Sensitivities vs Whole 90

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I want to start this program.  My book club just finished the book.  My question is though from confusion.


I just had a 96 food sensitivity panel done which tests "protiens" I am sensitive too.  These will cause inflammation, gut issues, etc.  So my questions is if I was simply doing an elimination diet I would leave these out for 3-6 to 12 months, particularly level 3 and 2 issues (Eggs, coconut are the biggies)


With the Whole 90, do I exclude them also?  My level 1 items are things like lettuce, tomatoes, turkey, lemon, asparagus to name a few.


What are people's thoughts on this.  Has anyone ever had a food sensitivities test done before, during or after the Whole 90?



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First off, I deleted the duplicate post in the Can I have forum. This is the appropriate location for this question, and now you'll have all responses in one place. :) 

Why are you looking at a Whole90?  The program is Whole30 - for 30 days.

I had food allergy testing back in 2006, and then did an elimination diet afterward to confirm several things.  It was nowhere near as long as you describe: as I recall, it may have been as long as a month. Perhaps the protocol has changed?

My thinking, and you likely want to confirm this with your health professional, is to do the Whole30 eliminating the food groups that were the 'biggies' on your testing.  Then do a controlled reintro of those items to see how/if you react.  If you're feeling great at 30 days and want to keep going, then do so until you feel ready to reintro.


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