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Myself and a friend of mine are both doing the January Whole30, except she is a vegetarian. I know hummus is excluded from the omnivores diet (I am jealous of her able to eat yogurt too  ;) ) but I couldn't find anything concrete on hummus for her. This is my second whole30 so I am helping her along through...

In the Can I Have____ guide it states no, but I assume it is targeted towards omnivores. Chickpeas are a legume, which the veg shopping guide says is okay -->


(I saw a recent Protein Help post and wasn't sure if I should have posted this question there or start a new topic since chickpeas are high in protein, apologies if it should have gone there)

So if the hummus is freshly made, or found without sugar/soy/additives, should be okay?



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for your vegetarian friend, hummus is ok presuming it is made with "properly prepared*" chickpeas with no other off-plan ingredients. Omnivores can have "hummus" made with things like beets or cauliflower etc. just not the kind with beans.


*soaked and rinsed in the traditional manner.

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