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KTIT's W30 log


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I can't honestly guarantee that I'll keep this log up but I won't know until I try


I'm on day 4 of my first W30. Like most I've always used the "I do pale 75% of the time" or something along that vein. So, in all reality I have no idea what 100% Paleo looks or feels like because I've never done it. I finally dropped the hammer and committed.


The first 3 days have been tough because I've been battling flu like symptoms. I don't think that they're a result of 100% Paleo because the symptoms manifested themselves the morning of. Bottom line, not a great last 3 days. Tried to workout this morning....probably should have continued to rest. 


Day 4:





3 Eggs

8 oz's of grass fed GB



Protein Shake

32 oz Water




Lara Bar

Macadamia nuts



2 mile treadmill run (It's freezing outside)

3x8 Bench Press

Dizzy and nauseas


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Nice to have you here!  My hunch is you were dizzy and nauseous because you didn't eat enough (and perhaps an oncoming flu is contributing as well).


Here's some feedback on your day 4 log.
- First off, do you have the Whole30 meal template? Every one of your Whole30 meals should follow this template. http://whole9life.com/book/ISWF-Meal-Planning-Template.pdf
- It looks like your breakfast and lunch were missing veggies. Aim for 1-3 cups of veggies per meal. 
- Shakes and smoothies are discouraged on a Whole30.  The idea is to chew your food instead of drink it, as that is more satiating. Use the template for guidelines for pre and post workout snacks.
- Lara Bars are only for emergency purposes on a Whole30 - not intended to have as part of a meal.

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Well, got sent home from work yesterday because of this Flu shit. Making your own broth when you're sick is one of the least enjoyable things I can think of at this point. Thankfully my fever broke yesterday and I'm feeling 85% normal this morning. Hopefully, I can I really begin to attack this W30 thing and get back in the gym. I feel like a floppy deuche.


I'm such a stubborn asshole. I've been doing CF and reading and learning and applying Paleo principles, while making allowances for what I know my own makeup can support for so long now. Because of that, each day I've been trying to game this system to allow for me to fuck off. It's not that I'm resistant to the program, I think I'm just resistant to being told what I can and can't do.  Thankfully my stubbornness is supplemented by some personal integrity. I don't want to have to start over and I don't want to lie to myself or anyone and say I did this 100% if the truth is otherwise. 


My stubbornness is also immaturity, which boils down to thinking I know better. Erroneous! What has been  curbing this are the daily emails. Like a demi-sermon, they put out something each day that speaks to why I need to put my asshole attitude in check. The past few days I've been sick and just wallowing in my own sweat and self-pity on the couch. Each day my lazy, fevered, undisciplined brain has tried to convince me that I know better and that it's okay to deviate. Thankfully I have been able to recall the daily emails and place the behavior I'm exhibiting and then crush it.


So, instead of necessarily throwing down my food log or whatever, I'm going to make this my mental log. So many people are doing the W30 but it's still not unusual to feel "alone." Hopefully what I write (if anyone suffers through it) will begin to resonate slightly with them. It won't always be negative or defeatist. I'm the first one to celebrate the things I've done right. Let's be honest, I like that attention. I know that about myself and I'm fine with it so, whatever.


Here's to 24 more days...

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