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This weekend I went into my health food store and they had a new display(freezer) from Black Wing Meats.  I bought some elk burgers and they were fantastic, and BTW, this was my first experience with elk.


I checked them out on there website, and they have a variety of meats and they are organic.


Just wanted to let all you Whole 30ers know of another outlet for food.



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I bought the package of patties and they had a recipe on the back which was garlic powder, black pepper and oil for searing and basting(I used ghee)  I seared them for 2 mins on each side then placed them in the broiler for another couple mins and bast it every so often.  They tasted fantastic! I liked mine a little pink in the center.


I just got back from the Health Food Store to pick up some more....and they were out...EER.  I will go on-line to Black Wing Meats and order.  My try Ostrich too!?


check  out the web-site for more recipes

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I found that shipping is a little salty, but If you find someone else to go in with you, you can split the cost of shipping.  That is what I'm doing,


although I haven't done that yet, waiting on the "other party" to decide what they want.

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