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Easy Egg Salad - in bulk


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I usually work out in the morning before work, and after having my PWO meal, I am short on time and don't always have the luxury of being able to cook some eggs/bacon and veggies before going to work.  


Costco sells organic eggs in packages of 24.  Yesterday I hard boiled all 24 eggs, peeled them, and put them through a small veggie chopper.  (I keep another pack of 24 unboiled for cooking purposes)


I always try to have a jar of paleo mayo in the fridge (recipe from the book "Well Fed").  So I dumped all the eggs into a large mixing bowl, added a couple of generous dollops of the mayo and also some dijon mustard from Whole Foods (365 Brand), salt and pepper.  Mixed everything together and ended up with a fairly simple and tasty egg salad.  I portioned it out into 5 zip lok bags - this works out to just over 5 eggs per bag.  


On the way out the door today, I grabbed a bag, along with a pre-portioned container of some peppers, baby carrots and half a sweet potato and I was enjoying a good (non stinky) egg breakfast at my desk this morning.  


That was almost 3 hours ago and I'm still happily full.  


(I didn't boil the eggs too well, so it took me FOREVER to peel all of them, next time I need to do a better job on boiling them)


Next step is to play around with ingredients, IE chopped bacon, or veggies or something...

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In NOMNOMPALEO's cookbook it addresses the egg/shell issue.  Basically she pokes the uncooked eggs carefully with a push pin at the large bottom portion of the egg and adds baking soda in the water to boil.  That way it causes the shell to come off more easily.  I didn't have time this morning to try it, so I used the baking soda and salt in the water for fresh eggs and then put it in an ice bath and it worked pretty decently.   

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I boiled another 24 eggs this weekend, I added baking soda this time.  I also used a bigger/wider pot that could more comfortably accommodate the eggs.  about 20 of them peeled fine, and there were 4 stinkers which gave me some trouble, but all in all a lot more efficient this time around.  Thanks for all of the good advice!


Erinok1 - I have been getting to the gym around 545-6am.  When I get up I'll have a beef epic bar and a cup of black coffee with a tsp of ghee mixed into it (I get mine online from omghee.com)  I used to have half an avocado instead of the coffee/ghee, but i feel like this combo really gives me an amazing kick in the pants.  


I live close to the gym so it's usually about 7-10 minutes max between my very last set and when my food is in the mircowave at home.  I' I have been eating 7-8 oz baked chicken breast and 1/2 to a whole sweet potato after my work outs, normally around 715am.    (this is all already precooked and pre-portioned as well to save time)


Then I eat my eggs and veggies at the office around 915-930am.  It's worked well for me the past week or 2 and I really feel the difference in my body already when I do this vs having some protein powder after I work out...and/or waiting too long to eat my next meal - IE breakfast.

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