You know you're doing a Whole 30 when...


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So this is my 4th Whole 30 (completed my 1st September '12) and I have noticed that there are some funny things that happen during my Whole 30's.  I thought it might be fun to share some of them on the forum!


I know I'm doing a Whole 30 when….


…I crave a giant salad for meal #1.

…my consumption of Tessemae's dressings drastically increases (god, they're so good!).

…my friends initially think I'm crazy and that my health couldn't possibly be affected positively by eating such a "strict diet."  And then my hair, nails, and skin look amazing by week 3 and their attitudes completely change.

…I complete a WOD like it was easy when it had kicked my butt two weeks prior to starting my W30.

…I PR regularly in the CrossFit Gym.

…my mile time increases during the first couple of weeks of W30 and then dramatically drops.  Eating this way literally makes me better, faster, and stronger.  :-P

…I jokingly get told that it's annoying how much energy I have.


I'm sure I'll keep adding to the list but I'm curious what other people experience.  Please share and have fun!

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