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Ok, here we go


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Here we go.


My mission is to post in this log EVERYDAY in order to keep myself accountable.


I am half way through day one and feel awful.  I'm not new to the 'carb' flu as I have dabbled with primal and paleo on and off for two years.  I always end up falling off the wagon and then have a very hard time starting again.  The set up of the Whole30 is different though and I really have my mind made up to make it through the 30 Days.



The detox and carb flu symptoms is something I'm really anxious about.  I think just by worrying about them I will be bringing them on.  To me the worst symptoms are the brain fog/forgetfulness as the few times I tried paleo these symptoms were so extreme they were impacting my day to day life.  Only day one and I am already feeling it.  I forgot my own phone number today when speaking to a client and I had to actually look it up. 



But I must stay positive and look at the good side of things.  The most I have made it on paleo/primal consecutively was about 10 to 14 days and though I did not feel 'amazing' at that point, the negative symptoms were starting to wear off so I need to focus on what I will feel like at day 30 and beyond.




Breakfast-2 eggs scrambled on a tablespoon of lard, a teaspoon of salsa, two handfuls of spinach, cup of black coffee


Lunch-Pork fried in coconut oil then cooked with carrots, onions, celery (sort of like a goulash) on top of different types of lettuce


Dinner- (planning on having) Pork chop fried on coconut oil, sweet potatoes, lettuce, cucmber and tomatoes



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