Sunflower Oil - Cold-Pressed/High-Oleic


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In Mark's Daily Apple today Mark says that the above captioned oil is Paleo. What are your thoughts? I need a neutral oil to make mayo with and am having trouble finding one that is whole-30 approved (I do not want to use coconut oil).

Also, does anyone have a reliable or favorite source for this product?

Thanks so much.

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The standard for making your own mayo is "light" olive oil. Extra virgin tastes bad in mayo, but the light stuff tastes good and is cheaper too.

The Whole9/30 doesn't care if a food is Paleo or not. The concern is health properties. Seed oil is okay in limited quantities for dressings, etc, but should not be heated or used a lot.

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Sunflower is very good oil for the cooking.

Its taste is excellant and I always prefer to use sunflower oil or coconut oil in my cooking.

You might want to scroll up and read Tom Denhams view on cooking with seed oils. He is one of the Moderators and really one of the experts on what is okay and what isn't. Cooking with seed oils is on the "don't do it list" from my understanding of the Whole30.

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