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Nnekamolly's first Whole 30


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Today was the First Day of My whole 30. I am very excited and trying to stay on track. I went out last night and spent $75 just on vegetables because I had some meat in my freezer already. I later saw that buying frozen vegetables would have been significantly cheaper. Next week I may do half fresh half frozen.


Meal Planning for Week : Jan 6-13

Breakfast: Egg Fritatta muffins

Lunch: leftovers andassorted salads with kale, avocado, mushrooms, tomatoes, carrots, and grilled meats

Dinner: Thai Chicken Curry, Spicy ground beef in red cabbage wraps, and trashcan soup (with leftover veggies and meat)


I am really looking forward to making my own salad dressing :)



I am struggling with sugar cravings and the urge to snack. I think perhaps I am not eating enough. Below is a photo of the egg frittatas I made for Meal 1





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That looks too small to me. My guess is that you should probably eat six, maybe seven of those little things and not just three. When in doubt, eat more at breakfast. I find that a big breakfast makes the rest of the day go much better.

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Tom I wish I had seen this before Day 2 because I ate the same thing the next day and over ate during lunch.


Below is a picture log of some of my meals I'm going to put some recipes on my blog when I get a chance.




spicy garlic ground beef with cabbage "chips"



egg muffin frittata with strawberries



"taco" salad with avocado tomatoes and kale



spicy ground beef with zucchini "noodles" sweet potato and a pear



panfried cod with lime and avocado, garlic thyme cauliflower carrot stir fry, and strawberries



Most of the meals were remixed ground beef deals. and all the other meals not pictured were leftovers

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