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1st Whole30 - 1 week in already


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Hey lovely people :)


Started my first Whole30 a week ago, December 30th, Why before New Year's Eve? I have no good answer for that, and if you read or watch any of my video/blog of this you'll see exactly how crazy that turned out to be!


Anyways - only just found this forum so I'm a week in before even saying hello - maybe a good thing really, I've not been much use to anyone for most of the week! Pretty good today though - yay!


If you're interested in my thoughts on it I'm documenting my journey with a short video and blog post including a list of everything I eat, drink, think and feel - have to say the thinking bit hasn't had much attention this week - love the brain fog ;)


There's an introductory page here http://authenticoverdrive.com/the-30-day-paleo-detox-challenge-intro/  or perhaps more relevant to this particular post, Day 8 (today) is here http://authenticoverdrive.com/the-30-day-paleo-detox-challenge-day-8/


I'm sure many of here know way better than me on some of this stuff, so I'd love to hear what you think. 


I look forward to catching up with you




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