M's First Whole 30 Log


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Day 1:


(0815) M1:  Sweet Potato Hash, half handful of pecans, 2 eggs, 1 oz. homemade italian sausage cooked in 1 Tbs clarified butter, coffee with coconut milk


(1220) M2:  3 cups lettuce, 1/2 c. shredded carrots, 3 oz. grilled chicken, 1 apple diced, half handful of sunflower seeds, generous Tbsp of oil/vinegar, water


Mid-afternoon:  Black tea w/coconut milk


(1600) Pre-WO:  HB egg, half handful of cashews

(1815) Post-WO:  1 oz. homemade sausage, 1/3 sweet potato


(1915) M3:  Paleo Pad Thai (3 oz. chicken thighs, 2+ cup veggies, sunshine sauce/cashews), water


80 oz. fluid


A little hungry at 1000-1030 but pressed through--ready for lunch at 1200.  

Crossfit workout was mostly strength so pre/post snack seemed excessive but less hungry/ate less at dinner.



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Day 2:


Ended yesterday and started today with a dull headache...resolved mid-morning.  Not sure if it was diet or tension related since it was only day 1. 


M1:  2 eggs scrambled w/mushroom and onion w/2 slices of sweet potato fried in 1 Tbs. ghee and a half handful pecans; coffee w/coconut milk

M2: Salad w/3 cup lettuce, 1 cup carrots, handful almonds, 3 oz chicken and 1 Tbsp oil/vinegar with an orange.

Pre WO:  Egg salad--1 HB egg, 1 Tbsp olive oil mayo and pickle

Post WO:  Couple slices of roasted sweet potato

M3:  1 cup spaghetti squash w/2 c. Well Fed Choc Chili

Hot Tea and water before bed


Still working on Pre WO snack...seemed a little heavy during WOD.  I'm going to try easing up on the fat a little. 


Otherwise, day 2 was good--waiting for more "withdrawal" to set in.

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