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Chris' First Whole30


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Hey everyone!


My name is Chris and I just started the whole30 program today!
I am 26 and attending grad school working long days trying to squeeze in some exercise in between.
I want to be Healthy and have enough energy to carry me through the home stretch of grad school and not fall into the stress eating trap (my greatest enemy) and to continue to eat with a health focus


Day 1

Pre-WO: A hard boiled egg (not an early eater at all but i forced it down)

Post-WO: 2 mini cans (2ish oz) of tuna in water

Meal 1: 1 and a half baked sweet potato, A small bowl of zucchini soup, and Italian Pork Roast and 1/3 cup of coconut milk that i slipped into my coffee

Meal 2: A big ole serving of salad (with some olive oil) half an avocado, chocolate chili


I got home and felt kind of hazy and hungry only 2.5hrs after eating Meal 2, so i ate a hard boiled egg with some home made mayo and was still hungry so i ate 1/2 an avocado.


Meal 3: I spaced this meal out due to the game so i ate carrots and celery (with a tbsp of mayo to dip)...then quickly put together a Pad Thai (from the Well Fed book) first time eating spaghetti squash ever and loved it!


Overall I felt pretty good during the day and then i hit a wall and got real mind foggy around 7pm where i had to hit the egg and avocado snack...


But i succeeded Day 1... super proud and can't wait to tackle Day 2!!

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Congrats on making it through the day, but you probably need to make sure you get more food along the way.


Big ole salads are mostly big on your plate and not so big in your stomach. From my experience wilting greens, I know that salad material shrinks by a huge volume. If you pair that with "not enough protein," you can get hungry again quickly. I do eat a fair number of salads myself, but make sure I add dense things like chopped onion, dried cranberries, plenty of mayo, and a generous serving of protein. I almost always eat a whole avocado when I eat any. Partly because I don't like to store a half and partly because I need the whole thing most days.

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Day 2 kicked off!
Woke up feeling without any negatives effects...One of my goals is to get between 7-9 hours of sleep got in 7.5hrs and woke up slightly before my alarm so im calling this morning a win..
Meal 1:

  • Italian Pork Roast breakfast protein (i thought at first this was weird but now im really looking forward to it!) I upped the serving from yesterday and threw in 1/2 cup of bone broth as well...
  • Ate some greens with olive oil (I left a tupperware of green beans at home ill have to grab some veggie snacks when i can sneak off of work)
  • Added 1/2 cup of coconut milk to coffee

My breakfasts have been super filling and leave me feeling great until lunch so i think i have a good balance on this meal (though i do think it helps that i never ate breakfast before W30)
Meal 2:

  • Had the other serving of Pad Thai from dinner yesterday (Can't get over how suprisingly yummy the spaghetti squash is) I felt like i didn't have enough protein in yesterday so i threw in 2 HB eggs.
  • Had a nice serving of zuchinni soup + a whole avocado with olive oil

I think i hit aa better proportion havent been feeling as foggy or tired as yesterday true test will come after night workout later
Pre WO: A HB egg 
Post WO: A can of tuna (full size this time)


Been feeling great all day but I got home and one of my roomates set off a cooking bomb in the kitchen and after cleaning it all up i started cooking at 11:20pm a full 2 hours later than i wanted.


Therefore i just threw together some things i had in the fridge for meal 3:


Meal 3:

  • Tried my hand at the hot plate idea...put in 1tbsp coconut oil, 12 oz of ground beef around 2.5 cups of steamed broccoli, half a diced onion and as a seasoning i put 2-4tbsp of the pork roast drippings/broth thing...i didn't really expect much from this meal but i guess i got lucky cause it ended up real good...I ate half of it with half for lunch tomorrow
  • I also attached a large bowl of zucchini soup cause i had a feeling i didn't have as much broccoli as i wanted

I dunno if y'all can tell but im pressed for time so most of my meals will be a rotation of what i pre-prepped for the week. I'll try to keep it interesting but i'm one of those people that loves leftovers and can eat the same thing many times in a if it still tastes good.


Today was overall a good feeling day, no headaches or tiredness so i'm counting myself lucky so far.  I really struggled when i stopped by the pharmacy for soup and saw alll that CANDY near the register but i managed to fight the power but i realized if i'm having a weak day i shouldnt go near the pharmacy.


Dunno if anyone read this long post the tenses won't make sense cause i write them throughout the day and post at the end of Meal 3.  I think this log thing helps me stay on track and supported. And thanks for reading and feel free to give me advice or anything im overlooking food-wise



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Day 3 in the books!
Super long day yesterday and didn't really have time write out the log over here.  
Woke up alright today...didnt get nearly enough sleep with only 4 hours :(
Pre WO: HB egg
Post WO: Can of tuna (in water)
Meal 1:

  • Italian Pork Roast breakfast protein (Ive realized that it'll be gone by friday... sad day)
  • Around 2 cups of steamed broccoli
  • Added 1/2 cup of coconut milk to coffee

Felt pretty good after meal one in terms of hunger but as the day moved on i started feeling more and more tired with a little bit of a headache...but i guess this is normal for Day 3. 
Meal 2:

  • Chocolate Chili (This time i made sure i was getting around 8oz and this definitely kept me more full than Day 1's serving did).
  • 1 baked sweet potato
  • 3 carrots + 3 celeries + 2 tbsp of mayo 

about one hour after this meal all i wanted to do was take a nap or fall asleep, i also felt really drained bout 2 hours after Meal 2 i decided to grab an apple and that helped me feel a whole lot less tired so i could finish up work.
I think i hit aa better proportion havent been feeling as foggy or tired as yesterday true test will come after night workout later
Meal 3:

  • I ate the other half of yesterdays meal 3  
  • Finished of my Zuchinni Soup (bout a cup and a half)
  • A big portion of leafy greens + 1 avocado

Overall this was a pretty lethargic and crummy day but i was able to stick with it and hopefully start feeling better on day 4!

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Rolling on Day 4
After only getting 4 hours of sleep yesterday i made it a point to get 8ish hours to allow myself to recover.
Woke up a little sore (probably from the workouts) but thankfully no headaches in the AM 
Taking a break from the working out today due to the fact I was way lethargic yesterday.
Meal 1:

  • 2 cans of tuna mixed with bout 2 tbsp of Mayo (to change it up a little from the regular routine)
  • 1 cup of zuchinni soup (turns out i had some extra sneaked away)
  • Salad greens and some tomatoes with olive oil

Bout half an hour after meal 3 started feeling the fatigue I felt yesterday, not hunger though so i think I'm still on that Day 2-3 Hangover phase...so I've decided my timline is one day late since i felt perfectly fine on day 2 but "hangover-ed" on 3 and now 4...so I'll just keep on keepin' on 
Meal 2:

  • Italian Pork roast
  • 2 cups of broccoli
  • 1 HB egg

I tried to sneak in my fat by adding in the fat drippings from the pork roast to both the roast and veggies...but i definitely need to get nuts or olives next time in case this happens again
Felt a little better than Day 3 still a little fatigued tho
Meal 3:

  • Made some more of the delicious spaghetti squash pad thai
  • 1 Avocado + Mixed greens salad

Felt a little better than day 3 and hope #5 feels a whole lot better
*I think ill be posting the previous day log in the morning-ish from now on...I think it fits my schedule better this way*

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Whoa time flew by and the weekend/friday rolled on and i didn't get to post my logs...


Howevah! I'm still rolling on through the Whole30...Hit a little food supply snag on sunday while i cooked the week's meals so I only ate two big meals instead of 3.


Been feeling great and sleeping like a zombie these past 3 days and ill keep up posting during the weekdays! Though I can't make any promises bout the weekends :)


Hope everyone has a great start o' the week!


I'm off to tackle day 8!

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